White Film on TransDucers

Hello all!

Out of curiosity does anyone have this white-ish film on their transducers?

I’ve been noticing a huge reduction in wind speeds the past several months and was curious if something is dampening the anemometer. I live in southern Colorado and have had this system for a little over a year, installed 9/2020. When I lived along the Gulf Coast I don’t believe I had issues with those transducers but I upgraded from the SKY/Air to the tempest.


I have the same white film on mine here in Long island NY. Seems to be either salt from the air or a calcium residue

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The white film on the sonic transducers is the Hydrophobic Coating that allows water droplets to fall off via wind, etc. It keeps the “water on the plate” issue that plagued SKY units in the past before the Hydrophobic Coating was applied.

The “water on the plate” issue caused wind readings to be extremely high when very little wind was actually blowing outside.


Hy Greg

as mentioned by KJ.Davis, it is a special coating. I looked at a few stations nearby and most show same kind of wind readings. Not identical as that is impossible but the range and timing are close enough to say your Tempest seems ok to me.

Thanks all. I appreciate it. I knew the coating was on it but for some reason I had it in my head that the epoxy was clear.

Just to correct this, they went with the superhydrophobic coating as the hydrophilic coating didn’t work as well.

Yeah, I corrected my post again since I can never figure out why it’s hard to remember between the two.

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