What's happened here?

Hello, what should be happened here?
It’s not a glitch… too much time…
Very windy days but for sure not -30°C

Station ID 2527

in there perhaps water in the unit causing a short circuit? it seems to recover slowly from it.

I would give it a try… but it’s more than a month it doesn’t rain… but it may be condense

Both graphs are not from 1 device but from the Air and Sky

The drop in the first graph is Dew Point and as you can see in first graph below humidity dropped quickly very low and since dew point is a derived using humidity…

Second graph below is your Sky that saw wind at the exact same time.
Is there some phenomena where you live that explains this . Wind suddenly blowing with extra dry air ? Like some desert air coming in ?? Both are clearly linked and as you can see in latest graphs, this is not only seen by your station, those are all about 6 miles around you.



Thanks @eric for this great analysis and graphs. I live in north Italy and as far as I know, the nearest desert is Sahara in north Africa.so I think we can exclude such kind of wind. I see from graphs that wind was coming from North, Austria or Germany… It’s the first time I see something like this since November '17 (when I installed WeaterFlow). From data you publish I can also affirm that it’s not a failure of my devices since other graphs shows the same data…

So all we can say is “a lot of wind extremely dry from North”.
Which software are you using to plot such graphs?
Thank you again.

This is internal stuff basically. First 2 are for the support team, we use those to look into data from a station and allows us to dig deep. There is a lot more but internal only ;-). In some cases we publish a part like today to show you correlations or a surprising find.
This is home coding but not sure who did. I wasn’t yet internal when this was done. Might ask one day.
Last two are from Datascope, a commercial product from Weatherflow.

I think what you saw was a Foehn effect though pretty early in the year …

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