What's going on with my Sky?

Station 5718. I’ve been plagued with the SPA charging problem all winter, but have been tolerant. Same with the ‘extreme’ rain events every time we get a strong wind. Now it seems to be dropping off line and showing large wind spikes when there are none:

Really getting frustrated! Was going to hold out for a Tempest, but now not so sure.

Hard to tell if the spikes are real wind gusts or not … the drop outs are visible on server but I just checked your Sky and it does not show any failing sensor right now. But it could be the beginning of the end with sensors going up and down . Can you monitor when graph shows a drop if the webpage shows a failing sensor ??? (push the green bullet down right the page, it’ll flip over and you’ll have the details on that page)

edit : @daniellevin I just saw a wind failed sensor. Not much can be done. This is a failure.

Can you please contact support directly via a ticket (see on top the menu) to bring up your problem and eventually linking to this topic. They will help you out early next week normally. If not, do tell me here and I’ll ping support for you.

Eric, thanks for taking a look. I caught the sensor status and opened a ticket. Definitely not real wind gusts. If they were, the rain sensor would have reported 1-2" of false rain. FYI, the false rain vibrations started with the installation of the SPA…not mounting pole related.