What material for sky's mast

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Good luck with your installation! :slightly_smiling_face:


I followed these guidelines and others to mount the Sky on the top a 3 meters PVC tube DN25 (outside diameter 32mm) from https://tinyurl.com/y9oblgcm.

Unfortunately, tied to the very bottom, I start to see the tube bending and the sky moving 5-10cms back and force in the wind, even so I filled the tube with sand all the way.

It is also possible that the hot weather, 40degres Celcius these days, make it a bit worse.

I wonder if anyone in Europe has found a better or more rigid fit. I see that the Furmufit is sold from amazon.co.uk, but they do not ship to mainland, and it is still 1.5metres max.

I was otherwise thinking to insert that first PVC tube into a larger one, DN32 or DN40. Maybe worth a test.

3 metres is way too long for pvc mast unless you reinforce it using a smaller diameter solid length internally . mine is 1.2 metres purchased at 1.5m i cut off a length to,reduce that top end bend and filled it with sand .

if you need it at 3 metres try using a 2metre alloy pole and cut and mount a 1.2 meter length using ubolts or drill 3 holes at good even space apart making it solidly fixed by bolting the 1.2 meter length to,alloy pole.

only thing i would do to save wasting existing pvc pole you purchased…brian

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image Don’t know if your mast is all set. Just wanted to let you know that I found a 10 foot vinyl wrapped laminate wood pole at Lowe’s for under $20 which is the perfect size at 1.3125 inches. Very sturdy and lightweight. No need for grounding or worrying about radio interference. Doesn’t need to be filled with sand and won’t deteriorate in the sun. Just another option to throw out there. image image image


Ended up going with what you got. Seems like a good option. Now just waiting for the station.

You might consider a coat of UV resistant paint. The sun can damage or yellow many plastics.


Sweet. Now let’s see some pictures .

I came up with the same solution (also bought at Lowes!). Mine’s attached to a vent pipe on my roof, using hose clamps. Lightweight, durable, and reasonably rigid. I do get occasional false reports of rain, but I don’t know if those are due to vibration or dragonflies landing on the Sky.


I can attest to the problems with PVC. I filled it with sand, and the first two feet are secured to a post, but with 8 feet exposed it has a definite lean even in light wind.

TL;DR: Don’t buy a 10 foot PVC.

I’m looking at guy wiring it, but it might be a lot simpler (and maybe cheaper) to go with the vinyl wrapped closet rod. I look forward to hearing your experiences.

Would a 10 foot metal pipe work, or become a dangerous lightning rod?

Great , hope custums are not sleeping I think delivery is by DHL in the NL trackingcode is online there :sunglasses: I just ordered the lithium batteries firts looking to bol.dotcom I found cheaper over here https://www.batterijservice.nl/nl/lithium-15v/ I bought 6 - 2 packs total price including shipping € 19,93 I get them tommorow (the batteries) looking still for a pole for the Air

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I saw that website to yesterday.
Gonna order my batteries over there also.

I also need a pole for the Sky… Searching for an anodised aluminium pole … I think.

Do you have some good options?
They have some options @ weerstationkopen.nl

Citaat weerstationkopen
I was looking there also not sure about the diameter I think it should be 32mm ? Furthermore those pipes are expensive I was looking on warehousesites they sell these parts much cheaper but I cant find it online (by now)

32 mm would fit.
I will search on Google.
I came across a website that sells aluminium pipes for much less. You can choose the lengthy and diameter.
Will post it when I found it.

There you can choose on diameter and length. But it is raw aluminium.
Could we use that?

Looks fine but I’m not sure how much the outer diameter can fluctuate for mounting maybbe some expert in metric units know this

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not easy to find a fit for all topic. Guess this one will do :slight_smile:


My PVC pipe filled with sand was too wobbly, so I replaced it with a galvanized steel pipe today. I considered aluminum and steel electrical conduit tubes, black pipe, and copper pipe. I trusted the steel pipe to be hardier in the weather without bending, corroding or oxidizing. I’m told the outer diameter of the pipe or tube should be 31 to 33 mm (1.25-1.31 inches). Hope this is helpful.

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I already ordered a 3 meter long 1" galvanized steel pipe for mounting the Sky.

Think that would fit. And it’s more weather resistant.

Just wanted to report that my sand-filled 5’ furniture-grade PVC mast appears to be performing quite well. In the three weeks that it’s been up, I’ve had only one false rain report which I attributed to a possible bird landing. Other than that, it’s been rock solid. Of course, the weather has been quite calm – the strongest gust I’ve gotten so far has been 18 MPH. But so far so good. I’ll report back once we’ve gotten some inclement weather to put this baby to the test.

Gotta say, though, that I love Sunny’s idea for a clear acrylic mast. Not sure how well it’ll perform, but dang me, it sure looks cool. :sunglasses:



My acrylic mast is a bit longer than yours I think, and at 4 Bft it swings slowly 2 cm or so at the top. But no false rain. I’m not sure how bad the swinging is for other measurements. I guess the sensitive ultrasound detectors might sense it and it would have some effect on the wind measurements. But I hope the swinging averages out a bit.