What does this mean? Need help

Hello. Newby. What does this mean on the bottom of the screen?

Need help


I see you started to setup your station. But somehow you only did for the hub (inside part) and not the tempest (outside part).

Just go in the app β†’ settings β†’ your station (DW Homestead) β†’ manage devices and use the little plus top right.

From there follow the steps on screen to add the Tempest to your hub.

Before you do be sure it is still in pairing mode. Toggle the switch off/on and the led should be blinking slow green (not quick or any other colour).
If it doesn’t, just reset the Tempest via a long push on the led (can take up Tempest 10 seconds) till it starts to blink slowly green, once it does you can release the button and from there do as described just above.

This page might be handy.

good luck :smiley:

Really? Can you check it now? My Rachi sees the tempest and I can pull up my data on my Apple Watch. Are you saying there is still more to do?

Still shows offline at the bottom of that page for whatever reason.

You have fully setup the station again, but now the hub is offline.

I also see you named both setups exactly the same " DW Homestead". This will be confusing for you

In the app β†’ settings β†’ station you will see these 2 entires, click on both and go in devices to see to which one is really linked the Tempest.

Once you are sure go back up to station and swipe left on the one without any device attached to make the delete button appear and delete. This way you only have 1 in the account.

And the time I wrote this you did it already and your account is now working.

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Hehe. Thanks. I recall you helping me with my Rachio setup years ago! I’m

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