What does the green LED on the hub mean?

I got one for christmas! First few days were good… but now it goes “offline” several times a day. I’m trying to figure out if the battery is low, or if there is a signal issue between the HUB and the temptest, or from the HUB to my wifi.

The LED light on the hub is not illuminated… does that mean it can’t reach wifi? or does it mean it can’t reach the tempest?

oo oo… I found the spot to turn on the battery voltage card… when it last was reachable it said 2.11volts which was “low”…hmm… I guess that is my problem then!

My current mounting location was at the ground level, probably not the best place for direct light in summer.

Yeah the voltage was at 2.6volts day 1… and has only been going down since then…:frowning:

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First things first, beware the terms, hub and Tempest are the 2 parts making a tempest system (yeah I know, not easy), below an image so it is clear. This to be sure we both talk about the same thing :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2022-01-04 at 20.50.21

The hub’s led normally stays lit (different colours possible), the led under the Tempest blinks a few time during booth and normally goes dark.

In your case the led won’t answer your problem. Look at the voltage of your Tempest. Since you started up the station it hardly saw any sunlight (grey dull days ? Shade ??) and the few times it did it was a very very short period. In short your battery is depleted.

Is it possible to move the station to a place where it gets more direct sunlight till longer days are back ??? This page in the help center talks about it in more depth. And since you’re there, have a look at the other sections, it might help you in the future.

Your forecast doesn’t show long periods of sun to come for at least a week … I know this is a bit extreme but if you have some led flood light hanging in the garage, you can use it to charge artificially your Tempest and it’ll run again for +/- 10 days. This post talks about it.

And hopefully soon the power booster in development will finally see production (worldwide disruptions due to Covid have been pushing it back). A device you will be able to link to the Tempest to feed it external power via extra batteries or wall plug.


This is something from the very early days of Tempest. The wording is old information by now. . .but the LED colors seen on the Hub still apply. The outdated part is that I don’t think the LED on the Hub occasionally turn Red anymore. . .at least I haven’t observed that in well over a year and half. The only time the Hub LED might turn Red is if there is a Wi-Fi network outage at your location or if WF is updating the Firmware. . .either to the Hub or to the Tempest device.