What do the light colors mean?

A follow up question to my other one. I’ve noticed that the hub light will sometimes be green and sometimes be blue. What do the different colors mean? Also, if there is no light at all, what does that mean? Today the light keeps going on and off.

Hi @sarakmiles,
Green is good working connections to your wifi.
Blue means it is connecting to your bluetooth device like your phone or tablet that you use to change the settings in the App. Which is also a good condition.
Red is not connected.
This might help. Where it says ‘Tempest’ it is similar instructions for your Sky.

cheers Ian :slight_smile:

So what does it mean if there is NO light?

It means you don’t know without connecting to the hub with Bluetooth to get the light to turn on again for a while.

I have 3 hubs. One of them has a bug that sometimes the LED goes out but it keeps working. I learned to not worry about that LED being out. But I dont know why and I dont know if yours might have the same bug.