What are arrays of observations for?

The air, sky, and tempest types have obs values that are arrays of observations. Are these just the collection of all observations within a given frequency or is there another reason for the type to be array?

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Welcome @bcardarella to our forum,
I am not sure if I understand the reason for your question.
My guess trying to answer your thoughts are that the reason the observations are an array is to be sending the smallest size of data that is still easy to use.
Can you explain your reason for asking, or better suggestions on how you would like it?
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Hi @bcardarella,

Yes, observations come as an array of observations because the array contains all the observations from a given time frame. If you only request a single observation, its still an array for consistency. If you start using API options like time_start , time_end or day_offset, then you will get multiple observations in the observation array. Hope this makes sense

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