Wfpiconsole Custom Panel example

I am creating a custom panel that changes the background color when weather conditions make using a hot tub uncomfortable. It also shows the temperature and wind level in larger fonts so I can read it from across the room.

I am posting this as other posts in this forum have helped me get this far.
Thank You @peter for the work you have done to make this display.

The color changes if the wind is above 10 mph.
The color changes if there is active rain. (I have not yet tested this with actual rain)
I want to add lightning nearby in the last half hour. I may need to wait until a storm comes through to see how the data changes.

A few questions I have are:
Is there an easy place to find what variable are available?
Is there an easier way to get the float value of variables used in displays?

customPanels_kv.txt (2.8 KB)
customPanels_py.txt (2.9 KB)

Sorry for the slow reply. All the variables that are available are held in the app.CurrentConditions.Obs dictionary, which you are already using to get the wind speed.

A lot of the values in this dictionary are strings, as they have been formatted for display. You can convert them to floats using the float() command.