[wfpiconsole] Adding Voltage display to main page?

Hi, I’m fairly new to the Tempest World, and very new to the excellent PiConsole. A couple of questions, can the PiConsole be run on the original Raspberry Pi, or does it need a Pi 3 or better?

Second Question, ideally (from my point of view) I would like to see the battery voltage on the primary page (either under the Date Time group, or in the bottom right corner of the Temperature Panel) is this “doable” by someone with no knowledge of Python (but is willing to learn by trial and error!), if so would someone be willing to give me some pointers as where to start, what variables are involved etc?

Thanks, Barry

tagging @peter since he is the coder and the title isn’t very clear where you want the added voltage

Possibly, but having never tried I can’t say for certain. It really comes down to the capability of the graphics hardware on the Pi. Unless you have a really strong need to run on original model, I would stick with Pi3 or better

Yes, this can be done! You’ll want to start looking at wfpiconsole.kv to see how the panels are designed. The comments should be enough for you to find the relevant panels (time and date is part of the rainfall panel). In the .kv file, the variable you’ll want to use for the voltage is app.CurrentConditions.Status['tempest_voltage']. Once you’ve had a play around, consider making a custom panel which will survive any updates I make to the code

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Thanks Peter, I spent a couple of hours today looking over the code and actually managed to track down the voltage variable and place it in the SOLAR | UV panel!! Thanks for the tip on the date time group being in the Rainfall Panel. Now I have the basics sorted it’s time to get a little more ambitious and colour the voltage text depending upon its value.

Thanks for all the work you have done on the programming, it’s just what I wanted for the Tempest