Wf weather forecast

hello why the wind gusts are not displayed in the main page of the application only the average wind is displayed and is it possible on a future update to obtain the forecast wind gusts hour by hour

Is this what you are talking about for the forecast?

Just tap on any day to see it.

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yes but it’s the average wind? in km h or mph

in the units you selected in your setup. My assumption would be that it is the average wind. I don’t know if reliable gust forecasts are available.

actually I don’t think so

i changed my units and the displayed values changed. If that isn’t happening in your case you have to provide more details.

I just made a modification and I have the average wind in klm h but not the gusts can be in a next update of the application

Il faut simplement appuyer sur l’écran et le bandeau apparaît.

I think what Eric is asking for is an extra forecast, not only hourly average wind forecast but also hourly gust forecast.

yes the hourly forecast of the average wind is displayed but not the gusts it is quite its

perhaps move your request to Feature Requests - Tempest Weather System and ask for something like “hourly gust forecast”

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yes thank you i will see her