WF Server issue? App not updating on Android or iOS

This morning the App on my Android phone quit getting updates when out of range of Bluetooth. I checked on an iPad Mini 2 and an Android tablet with Bluetooth turned off. I can see the graphed data but not the “live” data. Access via a web browser works fine. Uninstall/reinstall of app did not change anything.

Is this maybe another issue with the Websocket?

Edit 1: I forgot to add that BTST Wx Pro that writes doesn’t connect to my stations either.

Edit 2: Also forgot to add that the ongoing notifications work just fine, too.

For what it’s worth, I am connected with no bluetooth using Android 2.50(53). Data is flowing fine via Wi-Fi and cell service.

Have you tried rebooting any equipment that your devices share in common?

I didn’t think of rebooting my APs or cable modem because the web site access worked just fine. The data was clearly reaching the WF servers and making its way back. Things are working now, so I don’t know what could have been going on. I’ll try rebooting common networking equipment next time.

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I blame it on the Internet. It’s been broken since it took over for ARPANet. We are convinced by the demo so some day maybe we will get a working version.

We have been seeing some really strange things the past few days. Sky’s going crazy, applications going crazy, data going crazy. I blame the aliens that live on the moon.


I noticed it too. The “live” data was not updating. The graph data was spot one… All seems to be fine now. Probably alien intrusion…

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I like the way you think. :alien:

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More like the full moon last night, and probably amplified by the lack of sunspots due to the cyclic solar minimum right now…