WF Hub fails to reconnect to server after Broadband router restart

I have just received and set up my WF so this issue may have already been dealt with. I am in the Uk and use BT Infinity Broadband.
Sunday evening my broadband router (BT homehub 6) did a restart. This was initiated by either the router or the network. This happens from time to time and is without warning. When it happens all devices are disconnected and then when the router has completed the reboot all the devices reconnect. This apparently happened to plan last night however the WF hub, whilst reconnecting Wi-fi did not restore its connection to the WF server and required manual intervention to complete this by reconnecting to the router.

This morning I thought I would investigate further and tried to replicate the router reboot by turning it off, waiting 30 seconds and turning it back on.
Again the WF reconnected to Wi-fi but not to the server. On this occasion I rebooted the WF Hub and the server connection was restored.

I now know what to look out for but my concern is that the router and hub can be left for weeks with no one available to carry out the manual intervention.

Is there something I am not doing or is it an opportunity for a firmware improvement?
Any ideas welcome

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What is the firmware version on your Hub?

The firmware was updated last week and is V91


Interestingly I updated the firmware on my repeater this morning where my units are connect to and naturally I lost connection with the server for a few minutes but when it rebooted the Hub connected and hand shaked with the server but it took about 5 minutes before the server updated all the missing data.

On a similar note the app does not always connect to the hub by BLE when close (stays green) but will if you reboot IOS and then open app.

I guess it must be something to the hub polling

Perhaps I had something similar. I rebooted my router (for other reasons) and the hub did not connect. I tried several options but nothing worked.
My router is configured with the same network id (SSID) for both the 5Ghz network as the 2.4Ghz network. (which allows clients to attach to whatever is best for them, and if they loose connection, because to get out-of-range for the 5Ghz network, they automatically switch back, it is the router that takes care of it). The hub would only connect if this feature was disabled and the 5Ghz network took another name.
That is pretty weird behavior. A device with only 2.4Ghz, should never even see the 5Ghz. If this happens again, I will report it to weatherflow. Once connected I could switch the 5Ghz on, with no problem at all.

To come back to your case, you also might try to disable 5Ghz network on your router and try again.

Thanks for you reply and thoughts.

I have already split 2.4 GHz from 5 GHz by giving them separate SSIDs. The combined Wi-fi network was creating problems on other devices!

I believe the issue is not re-connecting to the WiFi router but once that has successfully occurred for the WF hub to to reconnect to the WF server and to be recognised as being back online.

Is there a way too reboot the router remotely, ? I think there s no way to reboot the hub remote. Never on holidays again :slight_smile:

I stopped using a rain gauge and min/max thermometer so I could go on holiday


I also have BT Internet and have experienced an outage that l could only resolve by powering down up the WF hub which meant I lost data. The WF Hub originally connected to my BT Hub via wifi but I now have it connecting via a different Wifi to a DLAN WiFi plug which uses the house electrical wiring to eventually end up in one of the BT Hub’s ethernet ports. Last night there was another outage but this time the WiFi connection to the Hub was not disturbed and the WF Hub continues to operate 100%.

Thanks for your thoughts. I will have to see if I can find anything I have that could replicate.