WF forecast now includes thunderstorms

I’ve noticed that the WeatherFlow forecast doesn’t include thunderstorms. Only thing it shows is rain. Any reason why? Thanks!

This is what I submitted back on or about the 21st of May. Hadn’t seen or heard anything since.

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Most likely because the system is not ready to accurately do so.


Interesting. Earth Networks, TWC, AccuWeather etc can do it, why WF couldn’t do it?

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No one has ever said they can’t. Do you expect the Tempest team to have every feature and every bit of code written in weeks? Those names you mentioned have had decades to develop and improve there software. And they all have a huge staff of meteorologist to tweak the forecasts in real time.

WeatherFlow is a different kind of company at the moment.


I figured they would’ve had it all set up before releasing the Tempest station. Didn’t mean they couldn’t do it at all.

The Smart Weather Station started three years ago. Most of the resources have been spent on hardware development. The system and applications were aimed to the simple consumer. A hundred of us have been very vocal and pushing for enhancements that, in my opinion, were not thought about at the beginning.

If you stop and think about all that has happened over the last, let’s say, four years, WeatherFlow has invested millions of dollars in a project that has shown literally no income.

Now, let me be clear, everything I have stated is based on speculation, assumptions, knowledge and years of experience. I’ve been following WeatherFlow since the day they launched on Kickstarter. I wasn’t an early backer but soon became a fan once I became knowledgeable. Since, I’ve been an advocate and happy with the hardware.

As far as the application, I only use it to set up the devices. I’m not interested in anything but the UDP packets and that’s the entire reason I want this hardware. I’m worried that the application will become so bloated it will be worse than Facebook on eating battery and ram.


Let us all keep this in mind. The more resources WeatherFlow spends answering questions the less resources are spent on development.

We all know David will personally address each and every question asked, in a cheerful and kind manner a different he’ll never admit he is busy, but I’d rather he spend his time working with his team.

We also know Corrine and Tim are in charge of most that goes on at the Florida office. I recently heard that Tim was promoted to Chief Executive Janitor. He has been tasked with cleaning up the messes all of us users create. (har har, humor)

And Corrine gets to listen to us complain that why doesn’t this work and why isn’t that feature included. And she answers in the kindest manner and always gives the best answers.

And all the others which names escape me (Hi, Rob) at the moment, are always being kind to each member here despite many asking the the same questions that have been ask a dozen times. This is a great and open community of which we are a member. I look forward to the future of WeatherFlow consumer products.


Why are you not able to ask a question without being shot down with 1000 word response. It was just a question. Calm down.


I am happy to report that thunderstorms are a part of our current development sprint. We just kicked off this sprint so we are at least 2 weeks away, but we are on it!


No one is being shot down and I don’t recall you asking a question, so ask away.

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Thank you! Will be looking forward to it.

Many members of the forum are passionate about weather, science, and/or technology in general. Some of us have been following WF since their first generation system was still open on Indiegogo. Some of us are like Jonny 5 in the Short Circuit movie, “Input, need more input!” so we forget that not everyone is like that when we respond. I took @GaryFunk’s response as more of a reminder to all of us to keep perspective rather than an attack on anyone.

Hopefully this helps and doesn’t limit what you think you can ask on this forum.


Thanks for the thoughtful reply.

I am sure I just read it the wrong way, and doesn’t look like the original poster is at all concerned, but I don’t want anyone to feel like they shouldn’t post due to not knowing the backstory of WeatherFlow as I know I don’t.

If this product is to appeal to the masses, which I would think it is due to its price point, folks need to be prepared for questions like this:


We pushed an update today that includes support for thunderstorms! Keep an eye out for these condition icons in your forecast.


What a great addition to the forecasts!
Tiny remark… Does the last icon not represent a forecast, but more the current condition when strikes are overhead? if so, shouldn’t the text be Thunderstorm instead of Thunderstorms? (but English isn’t my native language)

I looked at my local forecast. It shows thunderstorms in my forecast! Nice.Thank you,Weatherflow.

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Yeah, thank you, WeatherFlow!!! :laughing:

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Very Nice! Anything worth having. . .is worth waiting for!

Not sure if this is a little glitch but I noticed that the day’s forecast might be just rain, you might see thunderstorms in the hourlies.