Weird humidity phenomena

This might look like a failure but it is not, found 1 station very close with exactly the same drop in humidity while we had a short wind direction swap.
Had to be a very local phenomena since other nearby station did not show it (ok, not so many where I live)
Not sure what this could have created, like a super dry bubble.



found 1 station near having same, but real close.

Guess I’ll have to ask a friend expert since I have no explanation, somewhere here maybe ?

Any mountains around you?

Looks like a Foehn wind blowing over the Pyrenees. The wind switched to the north, and as the air mass descended on the leeward (north) side of the mountains, it drove a large fall in humidity and a rise in temperature

Was thinking about all those options but why in my garden and less than 5 miles away nothing weird happened.

And with that an all time record for my station, never went that low.