Websockets Clarification


I was playing around with the Websocket API and am having a bit of a tough time understanding the docs. Specifically in the image below…

What is the definition of device_id and id. I am assuming that device_id is the full ID of my tempest as it shows in the UDP packets (i.e. ST-0009877). Is this true?

For the id value is it indicating to use the string/number in the sample or is that another value?

Many thanks!


device id is not your ST-0009877 but just a numeric value. You can find it in the app. Goto settings/stations// and click on status. Scroll down to find your st-0009877 and its device id.
Someone correct me, but I think id itself is just some random number of your liking.

Correct, the id can be a random number or string of your liking

Excellent! Thank u both…


i have some working code receiving observations and rapid wind. I have two more questions after playing with the UDP API a bit…

  1. I tried passing the hub id too just for grins but never got an ack. Does anyone know if it’s possible to query the hub? I’m specifically interested in getting the RSSI values.
  2. The listen_start_events never gets an ack for me. Is this part of the API active or is it perhaps for non-tempest devices only?

Again, many thanks!



Nevermind, I sorted it. event_start_listen is based on station ID and not device ID. That said it’s not a very rich set of data it returns but at least I know if things are up/down.

I may put in a request for station/device RSSI to be added to the output of the websocket payloads tho…