Website and weatherflow

With help from a web developer I was able to post my data to my personal weather website @


Okay, And …

So you have the Tempest data sent to Weather Underground and you linked to that?

yes…also to my website

I didn’t see it anywhere, only the WU data showing up. Maybe because I was on the mobile site?

WeatherFlow - KCTNEWBR40 &

I assume you mean the banner on the right side?

If it is the banner on the right side, that doesn’t show on the mobile site. … Ok, I just scrolled all the way to the bottom and it shows there.

It’s the Weather Station plugin for WordPress by @pierre (Weather Station WordPress Plugin and

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My new Weatherflow Tempest experienced its first significant rainfall and the final rainfall value was way off compared my 2 other very accuarte Rainwise and Davis weather stations. Over a 12 hour period the Tempest had a value of 2.67" compared to the Rainwise MKIII and Davis stations at 1.44" and 1.42" respectively.
Any thoughts on the large discrepancy with rainfall values?

about 123,000 posts with thoughts on that little issue if you look back in the forums :frowning:

Yes, try these directions: SKY/Tempest vs. co-located rain gauge” reporting,