Webpage not refreshing

I have a dedicated PC that displays my tempest webpage in chrome.
It just has the webpage up for my device - in chrome - but most of the time it never refreshes itself.
Is it supposed to? or di I have to click refresh when I want latest data?
I thought it used to refresh but lately it has not been.


so, to make this clear, if you go to for example Tempest you don’t see the wind updating every three seconds?

I have the webpage of my device up and leave it displayed all the time.
It seems like it will refresh sometimes automatically but many times the temp is way off and when i refresh the screen it updates.
I am looking at the wind now - and it is definitely not updating


Did you check out my system, to see if that also doesn’t update in your browser?
That would indicate a problem with your browser.

I tried you page too on both edge and chrome browsers and on 2 different pc’s.
it does seem to update but its not consistent.
mostly - mine works fine for a while too - then after several hours - it may outdated info.

Is the tempest website supposed to update itself? or is it a function of the browser?
I would think the tempest is pushing the data which forces the page to refresh.

Just not sure where the problem may lie

what is your battery level? if it is very low, the system jumps into power saving mode, that does less updates.

2.79 volts should be good

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I have it as a (web page) widget on my desktop (linux) and that always stays updated but android can get frozen when running as an always-on display (hopefully the update with a dedicated widget coming soon fixes this! Otherwise, I just tap the recent button and then back to Tempest on android and it refreshes