Web Interface problem with two stations one account

I have two complete stations on my account. When I open the web interface at smartweather.weatherflow.com the link at the bottom of the page for sharing my station is for station 5197, If I then select my other station, the weather information all correctly displays for the second station but the link at the bottom remains as for station 5197. Similarly, the link to technical information reached by clicking on ‘online’ also only links to station 5197.

This happens on both Safari and Chrome browsers and persists after clearing the cache.

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Is your second station marked as public? If not, the links get confused…

Yes, both public, I just checked!

Sounds like a question for @corrineb

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Thanks for the report @val and the tag @vreihen. I will take a look and get a fix pushed.

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Mine does the same thing. Also, when I go to 5075, switch to the second one, 5080, then switch back the display continues to show 5080. A page refresh often, but not always, gets things back in order until the next switch.

I can confirm the reported behavior I thought I saw it as well a couple of days ago, but didn’t had the time to confirm until now…

I pushed an update that should fix the share link issues as well as the issue @gizmoev noticed where you cannot switch away from a station and then back to it without a page refresh.

If this does not clear things up for you let me know.



FWIW, it looks good to me, with a footnote that my second station is not public or currently powered on…

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Seems to have solved the issue for me. Thank you.

Great! Thanks for testing!

I purchased the WeatherFlow (hereafter ”WF”) Hub 2624 and its associated Air and Sky units used from one of the early users. The units look like new… I had watched them on line for a couple of days before the purchase. The units have not been on for some time and I expect that the firmware is back level.

  1. When I connected them up to my system I did not know how to connect two Hubs to one user ID so I created a second one using my wife’s email address. I let this run overnight and it did so with no problems.
  2. I found out how to add a second Hub to my User Id and it configured and connected with no problems. After a couple of hours everything looked all right and I discounted my tablet, both the tablet and the Hub were connected to my computers USB ports. The Hub’s light was blue
  3. A short time later I checked my two units and found that the second one stopped sending data when I disconnected the Android tablet. The lights on both Hubs were Green…
  4. I reconnected the table and checked the configuration. The station came back online I have don’t this several times with the same results. I am now going to recreate a separate User ID for the second Hub (2624). Hub 1 is 5745 https://smartweather.weatherflow.com/share/5745/grid.
  5. I have now set the station up on a separate user ID and it is staying on. https://smartweather.weatherflow.com/share/5990/grid
  6. This sounds like: Web Interface problem with two stations one account
  7. I think I need a firmware update…

Thanks for your time…

What is your question?

Your issue sounds different than this thread. Initially, when using the web interface with two different stations tied to one account, the shared link at the bottom of the page (amoung other things) didn’t change with changing which station to view.

I think you are saying that you are not able to get both stations to report to the WF servers if they are tied to the same account. Is that what you are saying?

Reading your description I wondered if you had the WiFi not setup on the second hub but you say it works when tied to a different account. Did you do a full reset on the hub and related Air and Sky units before you added them to your account?

I have reset the unit many times before each test and deleted the station history also…

When the stations are tied to my tablet, both will report as long as the blue light is on. When I disconnect the tablet, the new (to me) station disconnects until I reattach the tablet and bring up the SmartWeather app again. The new station light remains green when I disconnect the tablet but it goes offline to the internet. I have reproduced the scenario several times.

When I am setting up I have no problem connecting to the Uverse modem…

BTW, I am a retired IBM field software and hardware trouble shooter. Very outdated but still pretty good at figuring things out…

Disconnects from what and how do you know it disconnects?

Have you tried unplugging the first hub while you setup the second one? Make sure the WiFi settings are correct on both the hub and your access point. Note that the hubs only do 2.4GHz. I’ve heard of some people having to separate their 2.4 and 5.0GHz with two separate SSIDs to get their hub to connect reliably. I have Aruba access points and don’t have any problem with them.

It disconnects from the internet or at least it stops sending data. The light remains Green however. The data returns when I reconnect the tablet via Bluetooth…

Once again, the new hub connects and sends data until I remove the Bluetooth attached data… Unplugging the first hub would be no different than setting it up under a different user ID, which is the way that it is running now…

Why does the second hub data disappear when I disconnect my my tablet after setup…