Web interface does not honor device time settings 12h/24h

I just noticed that the web interface does not honor the device time settings ie. the 12h/24h mode. The Android an iOS apps do but the web does not. If the time setting cannot be determined by the browser maybe add a setting in the web interface so the user can set 12h/24h mode.

it is somewhat browser related. Some browsers apparently look at your language settings and determine from that. There isn’t an en-nl setting . From some research I did together with @corrineb from weatherflow:
“In Firefox and Chrome, the country part of the locale setting is also used to set the date/time preferences. Firefox and Chrome rely on the language settings set at the browser level. IE, on the other hand, will use settings from the OS Control Panel. Which is why you are seeing different results in IE.” (this was done on a pc)

My suggestion was to just add a 12/24h switch in settings to make it work with all browsers. That didn’t happen.

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Websites have a great number of restrictions placed on what can be accessed on the local environment. This is not a bug in the WeatherFlow application. It is more a security feature of the browser.

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