Web interface displaying RC when it is off for 2nd of 2 cards

I just noticed a bug in the web interface with regards to the RainCheck icon. I have two SKYs on station 5075 and when RC is on for the station listed on the first Rain card it is displayed for both cards even when RC is off for the second card. If it is off for the first card and on for the second card, is off for both cards or on for both cards it displays correctly.

If it is on for one card and off for the other, changing the order of the cards will either correct or cause the issue depending on if it is just the second or first card in the order to have RC enabled.

Here is the web version (RC is on for SKY - Back Yard and off for SKY - Roof - FT):

Here is the same station from the Android app (iOS app is ok, too):

NOTE: It so happens that RainCheck and the raw values match for 12/19/19. :thinking:

Good catch @gizmoev! I will track this one down and let you know when I have a fix for it.

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@gizmoev I pushed an update to the website this afternoon that should fix the RC issue. Let me know if you are still seeing any issues.

Thanks again for your report!


Looks like that fixed it. :smiley: