Web graphs pull-down with 3+ sensors (lack of scroll bars?)

I was just trying to figure out why my new, shiny “Sky Production” sent a false rain start event despite logging a UV of 9.9 at the time, and noticed that there are no scroll bars on the web interface’s graph pull-downs to change sensors for those of us who have a large collection:



Latest MacOS and Chrome browser versions, if it matters. Seems to work fine on the iOS app…

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Thanks, that’s one we’re aware of but hasn’t risen to the top of the priority queue yet since there are very few people with more than two devices out there so far! We’ll knock it off soon.


Hey @vreihen,

I pushed an update to the web app this afternoon that should clear up this issue for you. If you are still having issues after refreshing let me know.


Working great! Thanks for the quick fix!!!

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