Weathermeter ID number?

I have a developer working on a project for me so I am not in the know regarding coding. He has requested the device ID number as I wish to integrate my Weatherflow Weathermeter into my Fulcrum data collection app.

How can I locate the Weathermeter device ID as I cannot find a way nor locate answers on the internet.

Any assistance is appreciated,


First, What is this Weathermeter you speak of?

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Hello Paul

This is beyond the purpose of this forum dedicated to the smart weather stations and not those little weathermeters.

What your coder asks is mystery to me as these little things connect via Bluetooth to a dedicated application on phone

My best proposal is to send a mail to but they are having a deserved break till after new year. Maybe best your coder asks the questions.

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OK, thank you!

I have a custom app for field surveys and wanted the weather device to integrate automatically. I will try the support again as they suggested a developer to assist. I appreciate your time,



I PMd you, but just to follow up, I do have Dev experience with grabbing WM data for integrating into a data feed…