WeatherflowUDPinstall issues

Does anyone have an actual working weewx station on weatherflow?

I not a linux newbie or an linux expert, I have followed the instructions posted by the letter, I have weewx configured, But cannot get the weatherflow udp to install and load, I’m using a Raspberry Pi 3 B+,
I loaded using PIP and everything loaded and was able to configure it as a Simulator and it displays fine on html,
Ive tried captain-coredump and another forked version that I found on github…Both seem to be identical??

Are there steps left out on the instructions? or is there a better way?

Any help would be appreciated


Yes, many dozen people. Currently there are 77 registered stations on the weewx map running it (and registration is optional so the true number is likely much higher).

What version of weewx ? What did you do ? What did you see as output ? What instructions are you referring to ?

[…for the rest of this, I’m assuming you are running v5 beta since you mentioned pip…]

v5 replaces the old wee_whatever commands and puts everything within an integrated weectl command, so to install a driver/extension/skin…

  • for v4 and earlier it is wee_extension install
  • for v5 it is weectl extension install

If you’re running a pip v5 installation, activate your python virtual environment and you can simply install it via:

  • weectl extension install

and check it installed with

  • weectl extension list

Note that you will still have to edit the weewx.conf file to add the sensor_map from the example at to your WeatherFlowUDP driver section and be sure to edit those lines to put in your Tempest ID to replace the example ones.

then set weewx to use the newly installed driver via:

  • weectl station modify

(and pick the WF driver which is likely first in the list of available choices when it prompts you)

That sets you up to use the WF driver. Run ‘weewxd’ to see if it works interactively. You should see data if you did the above correctly. Control-C to exit weewxd. Then start it with systemctl like any other process and you’re done.

oh - I’d suggest you delete your archive and public_html trees from the simulator before calling it good so that you don’t have any bogus simulated data…

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Hi Vince

Thank you for the reply, I already have weewx installed, The problem I’m having is getting the .zip download to install on my raspberry pi , using the instructions provided by captain-core dump.

I’ve already looked over the the config file and it all looks straight forward, I have other weather stations , APRS digipeaters and telemetry broadcast stations running.

The udp drivers at this point seems to be the hold up,

Thank You for your Help



I forgot to mention this is a fresh install of V5 beta and I have already ran ran weewxd and saw my simultor data and can also see it on my browser,
I should be good once I can get the udp broadcast from the WF hub to the weewx program.

Will I need to provide any port forwarding between the hub and the Pi 3? I havent seen any information on which udp ports being used?


You’re going to need to explain what “The problem I’m having is getting the .zip download to install on my raspberry pi” means.

Does ‘weectl extension list’ show that the driver is installed ?


Thee weeclt cannot be found and neither can the weectl extension list

It should have installed from the weewx v5 pip install, The process was followed to the letter!

Any suggestions?

Thanks Rick

Yeah - please learn how to submit a problem report. WHICH process did you follow ? Lets see your transcript from the console to see what you did ‘exactly’ and what the output was. What errors do you get ?

In the absence of any more info from your skeletal description, I’m going to suggest that you try “source ~/weewx-venv/bin/activate” to activate your python virtual environment so the shell can find the weectl command therein. You need to always do that in v5 pip installations now.

Hi Vince

I have it working by using multiple sources of information, to get it working in the way I was wanting, It’s a shame there’s isn’t a complete step by step for users That have limited experiencing in interfacing the Tempest to other mediums. When I’m finished I’ll pull my notes and submit it to the community and post it on one of my cloud storage sites, It seems there were many dead end links that left a lot of critical information missing.

Thanks again for your help.

Rick Nicholson

First of all, v5 is a BETA so it is unreasonable to expect people with legacy docs out there have caught up to the breaking changes in v5’s new pip installation method…but there are docs that come with v5 that do work fine as written.

A recent but not necessarily 100% current set of docs is at WeeWX 5.0

Although there are many people running v5 beta, we cannot read your mind. What in particular are you confused about ? Installing weewx ? Switching to the WeatherflowUDP driver ? Something else ?

Hi Vince

The legacy information in the forums has been the issue , There seemed to be broken leaks on information, I used the WeeWx 5.0 and loaded easily, The weatherflow UDP was the issue, But found it was firewall issue within my network, after creating a new firewall rule for the device, all is good…My next step is to add a couple of plug ins to add it to APRS rf… weewx -aprs, direwolf and aprs-send-weather…

I have 6 peet Bros. wx stations running in Indiana and I’m looking at replacing them due to age and expense with Tempest wx stns,

All of the sites now have either fiber of a wisp backbone feed to the sites for our multi-mode digital voice modems and linked digital repeater system, I’m wanting to use our updated infrastructure to update the weather stations that have been plugging away for10 years, Since they were all hardwired and running on serial output , The hardware has been breaking down and unfortunately Peet. Bros.hasn’t changed much and the cost doesn’t justify the product.
Any tips on integrating weewx-aprs or aprx into WeeWX 5.0 would be appreciated.



ok - so you have general weewx questions that have nothing to do with the weatherflowUDP driver or with WF gear in general.

Bottom line - you’re asking in the wrong place.

If you have general weewx questions you need to ask in the weewx-user google group or perhaps as a secondary location to look around in.

There should be no differences in v5 regarding integrating stuff into the new version, plus/minus v5 beta bugs of course.

The problem was with the weatherflow dup drivers, The information on how to install the drivers on the forums were not correct or the links were not available most of them had a 404 not found.

I dug around until I found good information outside of the forum

Thanks again for your response