Weatherflow wind. Meter for 49.95

Hello would someone know if the above product is safe to keep outdoors for full time readings? Just want to make sure it is totally weather resistant to the elements. Thankyou

Probably would not want to keep it outside for extended periods exposed to moisture because it has a little PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and a CR2032 battery inside which Could be affected by moisture. It would okay to use outside if raining. . .but not recommending to use it permanently outdoors. The silicone surrounding the device will protect the interior even in rain for short period of time.

I use the following. . .a previous version (WFANO-01b) which uses no battery and has no PCB. I only use when I want to cross-check its winds against the Tempest stations.

The plastic white item underneath the WINDmeter case is an extender for an Android device.

And you need to stay in bluetooth range …

and you would need to orient it into the wind manually.

Yep…thanks guys. I forgot to add that in!