Weatherflow web display using two iframes

I just created a web page using iframes side by side to display more from the weatherflow display. I use it as an option for people viewing my weather station data:

This is a live demo:

cheers Ian :slight_smile:


An idea for those who wish to see multiple graphs to compare events vertically is a horizontal layout.
This view is from my Android mobile phone vertical portrait view after I have moved the graphs and page around to suit. I set the iframe widths to 98% to allow the page to be dragged up and down from the right side.

I do not intend to use this layout as my production version because I use my data in my own graph presentations. This demonstration was just an experiment and I offer it here for those here who might require the graphs like this without resorting to using other display software
live view:
cheers Ian :slight_smile: