WeatherFlow UDP API listener/simulator tools and github repo

Since Sept-2018 (wow) I’ve made a python-based UDP listener/publisher utility available to the WF community. In Feb-2021, I later added a minimal Hub simulator too.

Time to integrate them and catch them up a bit.


  • As of today, Jan-27-2023, a new integrated ‘wfudptools’ repo is available (HERE), with this thread opened for any announcements, discussions, etc.

  • I’ve set the old github repos to indicate they’re deprecated, and have asked the mods here to close the threads for the two original tools.


  • python3 is now required
  • renamed existing utilities for consistency


  • the pre-built python wheel under dist/ should download and install any needed module prerequisites for you
  • the python wheel is also installable as --user (no privs needed) or into a python venv if you like doing it that way


  • wfudplistener [options]
  • wfudpsimulator


  • pip3 install wfudptools [--user]


  • same stuff, better installation, more integrated/simpler installation/removal possible

Enjoy. Be sure to keep up with the README file on the github repo above for any details you’ll need to know.

PyPi package is available for download (HERE) but you should generally just use the pip3 install mechanism that will do the right thing.


update - this is available on pypi now, so a simple “pip3 install wfudptools [–user]” should do the trick. I have things set currently as version 5.0.1b1 for now. Let me know if you find unexpected ‘features’.

Uninstalling is as simple as changing ‘install’ to ‘uninstall’ above. Pretty slick.

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updated to 5.1.0 which adds the ability to use influxdb 5.1.0 (thanks Kiel!)

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