WeatherFlow Support Praise

David (@dsj),

I think most here will agree that @WFstaff on your support staff is doing a fantastic job. I have had several interactions with him and he has always given me great answers. They are not always the answers I want, but they have always been honest, attentive and correct.

People tend to complain when support is bad but too few bother to praise when support is excellent.



Thanks, Gary! I agree Tim is a fantastic resource. He’s not just a great customer service person, he’s also a super sharp meteorologist!

I also agree that one compliment is worth at least 100 complaints when it comes to customer support. Thanks for that!


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And let us not forget to recognize the excellent support we receive FROM WeatherFlow. David, Corrine, Keith, Tim and all those that are not actively posting here.

I truly appreciate their support for all of the developers especially as their time is better spent on WeatherFlow hardware and firmware.

I posted this in a reply to on his topic and have moved to so as not to distract from his excellent product.


Couldn’t agree more!!! The WeatherFlow team goes above and beyond expectations every day and shows how technology companies should operate!