Weatherflow Sky and Air keeps going offline

I haven’t made the jump to Tempest yet, because my Air and Sky units work very well.

Until the last few days when both keep going offline randomly. Sometimes a reset using the button works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Even when it does, it goes back offline a few hours later.

No issues with internet yet. Any tips?

are the units going offline, or is the hub going offline? battery level? move the hub to a different location? Check the color of the led on the hub when it appears offline? is it red? that would mean wifi and/or internet problems.

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When I check the app, all three are offline. The LED on the hub is white, and not red.

I’ve had my hub in the same location for almost a year now with no issues and haven’t moved any equipment.

it is not linked to the internet somehow, maybe try to reboot it and in the same go check the little transfo …

well, something changed or deteriorated over time. White light should indicate it’s ok. Can you access the hub via Bluetooth and see the sensor data that way? (led should turn blue)

Sure, I’ll try that later on today as I’m leaving the house for the day. Thanks for the guidance!

Having issues with mine too. My sky is not reporting. I have my sky in my hand. Shake it and says raining notification but no data. Been out for 3 weeks. Cleared data. Reinstalled rebooted internet channels etc. Can’t get it to work on my end.

I had a similar thing with my old hub running for over a year then a few weeks ago lost connection. I tried rebooting it but no luck.
Here is the surprise: I changed the channel of my wifi in my router settings and it fixed it.
Then about a week ago each of its devices (I have several Skys) lost connection 10 min apart over 40 min notified in alerts. So this time before trying any reboot and without touching any devices I changed my wifi channel and it fixed it.
Initially I thought it was my router or channel interference causing the problem so I have experimented with different channels and found some are more reliable than others.
I found selecting channel 6 works well for me now.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:


And without any rebooting or intervention, my system is back online. Let’s see how long that lasts. :slight_smile:

Thank you @iladyman for your advice. I’ll keep this in mind if this happens again and will try your solution.


Hi @mleung7878,
What did you do?
Do you mean that only changing the wifi to channel 6 fixed your connection?
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

No, I haven’t done anything. But now it’s offline again. I need to try your workaround. :slight_smile:

The light on my hub suddenly turned blue a week or so ago and will not go back to green. Both; air and sky go offline randomly and come back on after a few hours. Resetting the hub, the light flashes green a few times then goes right back to blue. Tried turning off all other Bluetooth devices except my phone to no avail.

someone wearing a smartwatch by any chance ???

no one has a smartwach in my household.

a blue led means some device was able to lock the hub in BT mode, and that can be in sole rare cases even be a simple device absolutely not intended to connect to the hub

I just pushed a newer FW to your hub that ‘might’ prevent this in the future.

Thanks, Eric!

By the way, what would the device name be if I looked at all my WiFi connections?

Weatherflow if I remember, I renamed it all in my wifi network so I can easily know whom is whom (got several hubs)

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Eric, so both the web and iOS apps are now showing updated data for Sky and Air, so that’s good.

However, I’m just now confused about why the app shows Hub being offline for the past four hours.
That doesn’t seem to be impacting any data - in fact I’m able to still feed PWS data to a PWS app too.

Any thoughts?

if hub is staying powered, it can hold several days of data that it will backfill once it has internet restored. Each device also can store a few hours of data in case it looses contact with the hub.

That’s most probably what happened.

I see. The Hub right now has blue lights on and has had that while “offline” for the past few hours.