WeatherFlow,, and Rachio

The failed Pi was an original B+, and I definitely got my $35 out of it by the time it cracked a few months ago. I could have scrounged eBay for an old B+ and rebuilt the SD card from backups, but in the long run it was past time to split up all of those tasks and get them onto the latest hardware/Raspbian…


It looks like the new Rachio 3 can take data from WU, really wish they would add that functionality to the 2! But in the meantime there is a nice guy on the Rachio forums that will link your data for you That seems to be working great for me until I get time for a locally handled solution. I just need @bpaauwe to add that functionality to the WeatherFlow ISY Polyglot :slight_smile:

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You want what added to the node server?

The ability to publish the data to PWS?

There are a number of packages that can take local WeatherFlow data and publish to services, including PWS so I’m not sure that duplicating that functionality in a node server makes sense.

Now I was playing around with doing the opposite at one time. I have a program (that I’m no longer using) that would take the WeatherFlow UDP data and send it to multiple weather services, WU, CWOP, PWS and also send it to a local MQTT broker and local MYSQL database. I started adding the ability to publish the data to the ISY via the node server API directly (not through Polyglot). To me, that makes more sense, have the ISY just be another service that you publish the data to. To that end, I am working on a WeatherStation Poly that bridges between various publishing software packages and the ISY.

Yes, that’s what I was thinking to just have the node server allow pushing data to a PWS since it’s already running and you knew how to do that :slight_smile: I know there are other packages to handle this, but it was one less thing I have to learn about, install and run. There is lots to learn in the weather station world and I’ve not dived in deeply yet.

I changed the direction I went. Instead of actually using a Node Server for the ISY, I just changed the definitions I was using and now have a script for WFArchive that pushes changed data to the ISY. I found I only need to send a fixed set of data and sending all the teken data was just silly and overly redundant.

On another note, I have two new projects on my bench. I’ve decided I can Build a better irrigation controller than that which I can Buy. And for about $30. The second is a video doorbell that is NOT cloud based.




ArchiveSW now supports uploading to PWS.

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would like to connect my WF data to my weather station so that my Ranchio can use it

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I’m in the same boat with a Rachio 3. I’m still waiting for my Tempest to arrive so I can’t set it up yet. I did go into my Rachio 3’s Weather Intelligence setting just now and if you select “Weather Station” as opposed to “Weather Network” which I have selected, you can see Weather Underground stations near you. I noticed that the one nearest me is actually a Tempest weather Station. Based on this, I would suspect that if you set up a PWS with Weather Underground and share your Tempest Data publicly, you can use your station data with Rachio.

There are third-party applications that allow this.

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I tried that but I’m miss something as it didn’t show up

Is your Rachio a V3? If so, you can do it. Ours is currently set up and has been working correctly since day one.

Tempest -> Weather Underground -> Rachio

Thanks my is the old version so I don’t get that option that way

I find it odd that Rachio has not updated the Rachio 2 to allow for this. I actually held out for the Rachio 3 partially because of this feature when I originally bought it.

if they have i can’t figure it out!

Anyone have any luck calling a RainMachine rain delay with UDP broadcasts via parser running on RainMachine?