WeatherFlow PiConsole

Hi Peter,
Couldn’t a warning be displayed on the display that the weather station is offline?

I have a few days in my mountain cottage internet connection out of service after a snow disaster (UPS for the router and the station did not turn on after recovery), and my W.F. not online now until i go there manually turn it on.

But on piConsole, except for a few data not displayed, it is not really visible anywhere. Is it possible to know from the cloud that the station is off-line and it is necessary to display it in marked red (eg below the date)?

Cool, thanx! Got it up and running last night, smooth installation, and working great! Very Nice setup! Thank You!

Now to see if I can work on something to integrate this data into SmartThings since they seem to be stalling on this… Don’t know if I’ll get to it or not, but it’s on my bucket list.

@peter - I think there is a bug on the Rain Rate graph… missing blue color when the scale is almost full.

Pi Console: v 4.0.4

Interesting - I haven’t seen that before. What screen dimensions are you using (width x height)?

I got a RaspberryPi last week and got this program up and running. It is a very nice program.

I did make a modification so it would display information from my Nest thermostat. I have a separate program reading the Nest every 5 minutes and creates a data file. I then modified part of this program to grab that file and display the data. I have documented it in another thread on this forum. Indoor Temp shown in widget or tempest app tile while connected to Nest


@peter I love what you have done and all of your hard work on this. I do have a couple of feature requests for you:

  1. Dynamically load the panels. This would make it easier for the people that have created their own panels. That way they don’t have to keep modifying your code on every release.
  2. Expose a standard way that we can submit some of the observation data into the app. I’m specifically thinking of getting the Indoor Temp loaded and displayed. Could the console just listen on a TCP or UDP port for incoming messages? To keep your code simple, I would think that requiring the caller to match the message structures that you are already using wouldn’t be to much to ask. Again, this would make it very easy for people to inject their own observation data without having to modify your code.