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Peter…Thoughts on the ClimaCell API from my above post? Any idea how I would integrate that into the Raspberry pi WFconsole if it works? I have neither the forecast nor the Sager now.

Hello Peter, I’m Reggie (rnix.1) and I’m interested in building the PiConsole but with a 10" display, not the 7" because I’m old, (happy to be my age) but can’t see. Is it possible to build this console with a 10" display without any or a lot of code changes?


My plan at the moment is to use the forecast provided by WeatherFlow (the same one that is used in the Tempest app) to replace the DarkSky forecast. WF are still putting the finishing touches to the public API, but once that is finalised I will push out an update.

If you want to go ahead an incorporate the Clima Cell API regardless, have a look in the file lib/ to see the details of how the DarkSky/UK MetOffice forecasts are downloaded from their APIs and then parsed for display on the console. You would need to write some similar functions to achieve the same for the Clima Cell API.


Hi Reggie, thanks for checking out the console! The console will ‘work’ quite happily on a 10 inch screen - the only issue you may have will be due to using a different resolution. The console is designed to work with a fixed resolution of 800 x 480, and any deviations from this will cause stretching/squashing of the graphics. An easy work around would be to set the 10 inch screen resolution to 800 x 480 as well. It might degrade the quality of the screen close up, but from a distance it should look fine.

Here’s an example of a user running an old version of the console on an old laptop LCD panel: WeatherFlow PiConsole

I set the lightning panel as secondary number 1, but when strikes occur, its toggling the bottom left one which i ha e as sunrise and moon…

Can you try rebooting the console and let me know if you still see the same behaviour? In rare cases the layout can get confused (with no obvious cause), but a reboot should fix any issues.

@bmcgrady384 and @brian.vargo, can you check if you CheckWX API keys now work? I have had an email from support saying that all the issues with newly registered keys should have been fixed. You may need to restart the console to trigger an update to the Sager forecast if it is not working already.

yes it’s working. got my new key this morning from them.

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I had several emails from CheckWx support this morning. One of them contained a key which appears to be working.

Yeah haven’t noticed same behavior after reboot but seems my lightning strikes for the year is the same as my monthly and today. Rebooted same result, i can chk again tomorrow and restart

I tried to play a bit more with my M5StickC based temperature sensor. I moved the sensor a bit away from the micro controller and especially it’s battery and charging unit;-) Now I’ll have to adapt the conversation method a bit;-) Sorry about the color choice for the block below. That was the filament, my printer was using right now;-)20200701_225640_HDR
20200701_225652_HDR 20200701_225812

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Can you let me know your station ID and I will investigate further?

Thanks Peter, station18946

I’ve tracked down the bug, but it is related to a bigger issue with the API that the PiConsole cannot handle. You can see details here: Extra API fields when bucket_step=1440 and I will get a fix in place ASAP

New release (v3.6) of the WeatherFlow PiConsole. Changes include:

  • New weather forecast powered by WeatherFlow
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

For those new to using the console, first stop the console with wfpiconsole stop . Then update using wfpiconsole update.

This update contains the new weather forecast provided by WeatherFlow. It means the console no longer requires API keys from the UK MetOffice, DarkSky, or Geonames. They will be automatically removed from your .ini file the first time you run the console after the update.

PLEASE NOTE: any local changes you may have made to the code will be overwritten by the update command. Please backup your changes before updating


Thanks @peter! Looks great. I’ve never had the forecast before, so does it have the ability to show the forecast for the day, like high temperature, chance of rain, etc, but for Today as a whole?

I actually kind of like having the upcoming hour since it’s most relevant to right now. I’m thinking of my wife asking me if there is rain in the forecast for today.

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Awesome! Thanks for all your hard work. Was not expecting this today…a welcome surprise!


update went smooth, rebooted and all is showing. See how it runs in a few hours
thanks Peter

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Thanks Peter,

Update went smooth as silk. How long do you need to wait for the forecast to show up? After updating the forecast panel says “Forecast Unavailable”. I am guessing it will take some time for it to show up.