WeatherFlow PiConsole

Before I came across the WeatherFlow Indiegogo campaign I was very close to buying a ws1001. I found the work you had done on the replacement screens, and it was the original inspiration to do something on the Raspberry Pi knowing that WeatherFlow were not releasing a console along with the AIR and SKY modules.

All the icons have to be in .png when they are displayed on the console, but the source files for all the icons I am currently using are in SVG format. I you are happy to share what you have it would be great to take a look? I have plenty of future ideas in mind - changeable units being at the top of the list!

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Just posting a pic of my Pi screen with PyConsole running - huge thanks to Peter for walking me through it (turns out i needed a new install of the operating system and then everything else worked)…WFPi

So nice to have an active and helpful development community…



Very nice, will you share your files for others on github or something like that?

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@andyhudsonsmith Does your weather station talk to your toaster yet (as pictured above)? New IFTT applet? :wink:


IFTTT = If This, Then TOAST! :rofl:

Raspberry Pi and toast. Life is good…


This is awesome! Please consider us folks who are stuck in Fahrenheit mode.

Why and how are you stuck?

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I live in a Fahrenheit world.


So do I and that’s a good thing.


Don’t worry - team Fahrenheit are not forgotten. The first improvement on my list is to allow display in imperial units. Of course I should have designed this functionality from the very beginning, but originally I was not planning on releasing it to the community so it seemed a moot point!

A combination of holiday and work commitments will probably mean it’ll be a couple of weeks before the code is updated, so please bear with me!


Take your time there are only 3 countries in the world with Fahrenheit :grin:


vwelcome to,the world of weather templates some users often sit on the sideline and expect things as they see it or expect to see it regardless of others so beware and do things at your own pace and do things that works with your working area not do things that create more work. non metric versus metric is relatively easy but then non metric is not going to be the only thing … kts,mph,ms,km/h,bft, just like you guys in the uk celsius and mph then you might get fahrenheit with kts particularly common amongst boating enthusiasts and clubs or hPa,in,inHg,mb mixed with non metric , metric data ,the combinations can all be done but involves a lot more formulas and switching…

why i never used imperial as a phrase because in some languages it is not related to measurement it relates to imperialism and languages that will be another request sooner or later and that will simply blow your brain apart in trying to keep everything aligned here is just one example wind speed in german Windgeschwindigkeit and some cases there is no abbreviation or shorter phrase in certain common weather phrases . sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture what you think is right can be wrong for others it can be challenging just to find a nice working balance and keep the enthusiasm alive… me personally if knew what i did now 4 years ago in terms weather template i would have just done it for myself thats not to say
its not satisfying but can be somewhat overwhelming if popularity grows .

reference icons if you decide you need them let me know however you can always create your own perhaps to your liking but SVG is far cleaner but on a 7. inch screen and low color resolution it may not be necessary.



Pixels may be ‘16 x 9’ like the screen. Unlike the old days when displays were 4 x 3 pre hi def days.

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This is excellent, and I’ve got another such screen sitting in stock, so I guess I know what I’ll be doing this weekend!

And please send download/install instructions!

Many Thanks!

I am sure I’ll be trying out this creation very soon. Just need to get a display screen.


I’m very interested in giving it a test drive. I already have a rpi2 w/7" touchscreen ready to go. Hopefully you have an sdcard image I can image to get me going.

EDIT: WeatherFlow_Console
up and running , now hopefully Hg for pressure & F for Temp …

Thanks again Peter, other than that ‘tiny’ bug - up and running in a very short time.

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Unfortunately no SD card image, but I have PM’ed you instructions on how to get setup. I’ll share the instructions more widely on this thread once I am confident it is bug free!


That’s awesome!
I have now buy a raspberry with touchscreen.
Can you @peter please send me a link to download the necessary files?
Many thanks

@wpns, @vreihen, @patrick.mussner, @n349ca, @digiital, @andyhudsonsmith, @dave.larson1, @coley.curtin, @tcichowicz and anyone else using the PyConsole. One of the APIs I am using to determine the closest METAR location to the location of your station appears to be suffering from some intermittent server issues. The console will keep running quite happily, but if you stop it and try to start it again, it may not work.

I am looking into alternative APIs so bear with me if you run into any problems.


Only just see your picture - it’s looking good. What’s the lightning bolt though in the wind panel? That’s not something I coded into the display!

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