WeatherFlow PiConsole

Hi, I just installed the console to my Pi3b+ but without a touchscreen. Mouse input does not seem to work well and will not click the buttons properly. Is this expected behavior without a touchscreen?

Also, how do I modify the default layout? I’m very new to linux and have no idea what I need to do to modify the screens. Maybe if the mouse worked, I’d be able to discover those features? Note the mouse does work fine on the PI desktop.

Thank you!

I mean just cycle the panels from forecast to sager back to forecast every 30 seconds or so

Thanks for your PM - I thought I would reply here in case anyone else is interested in this. Unfortunately the 6 am/6 pm generation times are more hard-coded into the console than I would like. You could edit the code (there’s an example here), but probably for the time being it is likely best to go with the cron option. I will add this to the list of new features for the next update though!

No, this shouldn’t be the expected behaviour, although I haven’t tested the mouse functionality for a while. I will have a look at see if I can find any issues.

No, unfortunately there is no way to do this

Where do I get one of these, and how much is it?

this is not a plug and play thing you buy fully assembles.

You have to buy a Pi, 7" touch screen and case, assemble it, flash the system on a SD card and then install the script. All in all you need a few hours and it isn’t that hard to do ! Many did it. All is described in first post

Hardware pieces cost about $200 US or so when you add them up plus an hour or two of your time to do the installation and setup.

Im getting this error and blank output all of a sudden:

2021-09-26 09:50:10-0400 [-] Exception in thread Tempest:
2021-09-26 09:50:10-0400 [-] Traceback (most recent call last):
2021-09-26 09:50:10-0400 [-] File “/usr/lib/python3.7/”, line 917, i
n _bootstrap_inner
2021-09-26 09:50:10-0400 [-]
2021-09-26 09:50:10-0400 [-] File “/usr/lib/python3.7/”, line 865, i
n run
2021-09-26 09:50:10-0400 [-] self._target(*self._args, **self._kwargs)
2021-09-26 09:50:10-0400 [-] File “/home/pi/wfpiconsole/lib/”, line 155, in Tempest
2021-09-26 09:50:10-0400 [-] AvgWind = derive.MeanWindSpeed(WindSpd,avgWind,Device,Config,flagAPI)
2021-09-26 09:50:10-0400 [-] File “/home/pi/wfpiconsole/lib/”, line 838, in MeanWindSpeed
2021-09-26 09:50:10-0400 [-] AvgWind = [Sum/Length,‘mps’,Sum/Length,Length,Now]
2021-09-26 09:50:10-0400 [-] ZeroDivisionError: division by zero

your station is in low power mode and I think the script expects data that is not coming in hence divide by zero is erroring out (@peter maybe add a condition in the script to intercept error and maybe add warning ???)

Your station is so low in Voltage the wind sensor is de-activated. Looking at your data it receives enough sun but is not charging as it should. Time to open a ticket with support. They will double check and help you out.

Oh wow interesting, thanks!

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Thanks for the head’s up! I will add an error handler to the code. This is one of those bugs that’s almost impossible to predict!

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