WeatherFlow PiConsole Support Available

Hi all, just a heads up that I will be working in Antarctica :snowflake: until late January 2024 and therefore I will not be available to provide support for the PiConsole until I return. Apologies in advance for any issues that may crop up during my absence. Hopefully they are minor!

I’m back online - support is available again! Is this the furthest South a Tempest has ever been?


I hear it’s wonderful there in the summer. Get some feet pics by the pool and share if you get a chance.


You will have a great experience. I worked for NSF for 25 years and never managed to wangle a trip to the Pole or even McMurdo.

Have a good time Peter. My son spent three summers and two winters at McMurdo in the mid 2000s. He really enjoyed it.

Hopefully this won’t delay any order shipment…

I didn’t know @peter shipped anything. I thought he just supplied a software solution.