WeatherFlow on ROKU v5

The Weather Station Data v5 to view WeatherFlow data on ROKU has released and is available.

This release will default to a “dashboard” view of WeatherFlow data.
The “tabular” view is still available through the configuration.

This release includes:

  • Humidex for our friends in the Great White North
  • 5-Day forecast
  • Dashboard view of data

To install on your ROKU:
Main Menu → Search → “weatherflow”, the “channel poster” will look like below.


If you already have the channel it will eventually update on its own, OR you can request the update by:
Highlighting the channel → Press * → Check for Updates

I invite feedback and suggestions!!


The app on my roku kicks your out of the app … Please advise!

I see this is your first post, WELCOME !!

Thank you for the interest in my application, sorry to hear you are having an issue.
I need some additional information, please provide some details about what happens leading up to the app unloading.

  • When exactly does the app unload?
  • Do you ever get to the point where you enter your station number?
  • What is your station number?
  • What model ROKU do you have?
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Thanks for getting back with me setting the station up and getting data upload is not the problem per say even tho it updates ever 2 to 3 minutes.

It unloads(exits the app w/o command) after a certain amount of time how long not sure yet I’m trying to gather that info I forget to catch the time I start, it unloads or both it’s not immediately I think I get a minimum of 30 minutes

I don’t have power save or data saver set on the onn.roku tv. model 100012589 which is up to date on internet access via fiber 500Mbps


Nice work on the ROKU app!

Hey, totally great troubleshooting information, Thank you !!

There are many reports and confirmations on the internet that the “onn.roku tv” software has channel unloading issues (features).

I’m speculating here but I suspect that software has an issue with ROKU channels/applications running “unattended” for more than 30 minutes.

Your observation is also correct, my application refreshes data every 2 minutes automatically. That software (onn.roku tv) does not recognize that as “interaction” or “streaming” and kills the app.

All internet searched solutions direct users you buy an external stick or box.

Solved: Onn Roku TV Keeps Crashing To The Selection Screen - Roku Community

Best of everything,

Thank you, as you use the app, please recommend enhancements or additions !!

The app is unable to verify my previously working station id. I’ve revived and reloaded the app on Roku 3940RW2 without success. “Could not locate” error.

Thank you for the report.

I have just noticed the same condition.

I need to troubleshoot and find out what has gone wrong.

I’ve made no changes to the application . . . .

Wife and I are big fans of the app, I’m sure it’s on the Roku side. Let me know if I can provide any troubleshooting.

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Is the issue related to what this thread is about?

I tend to agree with you so far. I can execute the same web calls from a computer to WeatherFlow and get valid JSON returns . . . I am working to troubleshoot!!

I am having issues with adding my weather station to this Roku app/channel.

I have followed the on screen directions to find my weather station’s number. I have entered that number, however the system can not find my station.

Thank you for the interest in my application!!!

Unfortunately, the application has had issues beginning on 5/22.

Please be patient; I am working to troubleshoot and engaged with ROKU Developer Support.

Once things are working, I will post the news here.

Thank you again for the interest and your patience!

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Same issue in not finding station.
Thanks Steve.

Still troubleshooting. :slightly_frowning_face:

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