Weatherflow hub keeps going offline

My Weatherflow keeps going offline for ages then coming back online again
It’s only been doing this the past couple of weeks or so and never did before the last firmware update
Is there a bug?
I’ve completely reset the hub and all devices are working properly
The internet is working perfectly too, my Weatherflow is the only thing going offline
My RSSI values are
Hub -26
Air -59
Sky -127

I’ve just noticed the Air unit itself is offline
It has the solar charger and is in the air and has been working perfectly for quite a while
However the last battery reading was 2.98V

Is there a reason the battery is draining so fast?
I’m “assuming” it goes back online when it’s really sunny and the battery gets enough charge and then discharges once the sun goes again

I live in England

I’m surprised your SKY even is able to report to the hub with that RSSI value.

The battery in the Solar Power Accessory (SPA) is a LiFePO4 cell which is practically dead just below 3.00V which is why 2.98V is the last voltage reading you have. The SPA was designed for the SKY since it is in open sun but the Air is supposed to be in shade so it doesn’t surprise me that the battery has gone dead. My Air is still on its first set of Energizer Lithium Ultimate batteries and it has been nearly two years. Either install the the Energizer batteries in it or put the SPA out in the sun for a day and it should be charged back up.

Whoops my mistake
It’s the SKY unit that the battery is low on not the air

Ok, that explains it. Does it get much sun exposure? Also, I’m assuming you are not getting below freezing temperatures during the day. If it gets plenty of sun exposure and you are not in freezing weather it may be that the SPA has water ingress and has caused an issue.

Plenty of sun, no freezing temps in UK until maybe Dec or Jan
I’ll get a ladder and take it off the pole tomorrow and check for water, but there shouldn’t be any

When you get up there, take the SKY off the SPA first and note if there is water puddled on top. If your SPA is one of the early ones, it had a temperature compensation feature where it wouldn’t charge below freezing and also did not have any drain hole under the solar panel. Here is a picture of under the solar panel on a newest production SPA.


It hasn’t froze in the UK since Dec last year
It didn’t have any pooled water, and does not have the drain hole shown in the pic above

The battery was 0.3V when I measured it after taking it off, totally dead!
It does charge with light shone on it, the problem is the batteries don’t stay charged!

Any ideas why? or how to fix it?
it’s not even been outside a year yet - I got it setup on the 8th September 2019

Some of those solar panel attachments were bad and let water in. Weatherflow replaces the bad ones, they did for me. Sent a new one for free. Did you put a support ticket in?

No, because till now I didn’t know I had to, when I tried to it said to post here first and ask for help

If it’s not working and you’ve had it less than a year, I’d put a support ticket in. Link at top of page. Good luck!

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Yep, time to put in a support ticket. Be sure to reference this topic.

Thanks just put one in now