WeatherFlow Data Viewer for ROKU

Sounds like a great way to access your weather station. Unfortunately, even after following your excellent directions, the app doesn’t show up on my ROKU. Does it take some time for it to get into the system?
Again, thanks for the app

It typically shows-up in the menu right away.

I’m certain you tried step 7 of the instructions:
On the TV’s ROKU device select: Settings > System > System Update > Check Now

2 questions:

  • What ROKU device are you using (e.g. ROKU 3, ROKU Ultra, etc.) ?
  • Do you have a large amount of channels on your device, and possibly have run out of memory on the ROKU?

Thanks for the quick response.

I did the system update check several times.

I have two systems, a ROKU 3, and a TCL ROKU TV.
There are about 15 channels on both.

To be clear on what I’m doing, I have gone to the SEARCH function on the ROKUs and looked for WEATHERFLOW and nothing returns.

Is there a better way to find the app?

Again, thanks for the quick reply.


You should not have to search.

The channel/application will show-up on the ROKU’s Main-Menu. The same menu where you would select Netflix, HULU, YouTube, etc.

Look on the Main-Menu for an option that has the graphic below.


Thank you. I found it and works well. Appreciate the hand holding.

@steve.palmieri Incredible. Thank you for sharing this!