WeatherFlow Data Viewer for ROKU

For those of you that have WeatherFlow stations and a ROKU device on your TV, I have something cool for you to try. It’s a ROKU channel that will enable you to view WeatherFlow weather station data on your TV using your ROKU device (your station, or ANY station sharing data publicly).

I originally created this for myself and “hard coded” my station numbers into the application. As I found it useful and interesting for me I suspected others might find it useful. I added the ability for anyone to add WeatherFlow station numbers into the application. You can have multiple weather stations saved in the application and easily switch between them. The station numbers persist in the application until the user removes them.

Since this is the very first time anyone will be using this application besides myself, I am looking for constructive advice, comments, and feedback.

Please remember, this is not intended to be a scientific or analytical tool. It is intended to simply take a peek at current weather statistics while surfing TV on a ROKU device.

I have tested this on a ROKU 3, ROKU Ultra, ROKU Stick, and ROKU Soundbar.

Please follow the instructions on the included document to get it installed on your ROKU,

WeatherFlow Station Viewer Installation Instructions Ver03.pdf (211.6 KB)


I don’t have that, but sounds like a really fun project that you created.

Nice job! Very easy to set up.

I was looking forward to checking this out, but unfortunately it’s not available for my region (the UK) :frowning_face:. @steve.palmieri, is this something that is easy to fix?

This is cool! I only see one issue, my station name is a little long and spills over into the data.

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that’s an easy solve, isn’t it… make it smaller :wink:

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I’m new to this so I hope this works. Please follow the instructions, except use the link below.
Let me know if it works and I’ll change the link for everyone.

What is your station number?

I can try to make a change that accommodates long station names like yours.
I did a lot random testing and never encountered a long name like that.


That works great - thanks!

Just a heads up, I didn’t have to enter an Personal Access Token to retrieve my data, which makes me think you are using a hard-coded API key (perhaps the development API key that was shared at one point?). You might want to check out this thread for how WF expect users to access their data via API: Update to API documentation

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Is there an option to have the pressure displayed in inHg instead of millibars?

I’m glad that link worked.

I changed the link in the instructions so it will work for everyone.

Thank you for the heads-up about the API key and will be figuring out how to do that.

I can add a units selector for pressure.
I’m going to see what other feedback I get and most likely make a new version including as much of the feedback as I can.
Thank you so much for trying the application and the feedback.

it’s not a big deal really, I could shorten the public name I suppose. lol. station #18422

Uninstall the current channel and reinstall using this link:

The station name will be truncated in the menu but doesn’t impede on the data.

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Awesome, thank you. Looks Great!!!

Hi Steve. This is cool. Very nice work - we love to see integrations like this that help people view Tempest data in different ways!

As Peter points out, you are using an older method for accessing data via the developer API key. We have a better approach to authentication using an “access token” now, and will be sunsetting the developer API key some time this year. So please do take a look at the updated documentation, including the data access policy.

For an integration like yours, we strongly recommend adding Oauth2 for authentication - that will let your users seamlessly link their Tempest accounts to your app.

I will work on making that change right away. I was not aware of the preferred method.

Look for Version 2 shortly.


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Will we need to re-add the channel or just tell Roku to do an update?

As I’m reading about Oauth2 I can already tell the exist channel will need to be removed and the new one reinstalled. I will post to this thread when the “Oauth2 version” is available. Of course I need to educate myself how to get it working as I’ve never used it before :slight_smile:


Thanks, Steve! If you hit any roadblocks, let us know and we’ll help you get past them.