WeatherFlow data to Twitter account

A few days ago I shared a Facebook bot that posts WeatherFlow data to a Facebook page.

I duplicated this to post WeatherFlow data to a Twitter account, thought I would share. There are two different programs, one tweets the devices current observations, the other tweets a forecast.

For the one that tweets the forecast, if the time is before 6pm, the forecast will be for current day. If after 6pm, it’ll tweet tomorrows.

Here is my github repo GitHub - MABeatty1978/TwitterWeatherBot

Here is a link to the bot


I’ll take a gander as time allows. About to go on a trip so it might be a few weeks.


This is an excellent activity, I was also wondering how to get the data from my two Tempest stancs on Twitter. However, I am not a Python developer.

If I understand it legally, the Python program for the current conditions is “”.

Where and how to run it? E.g. RPi ? How to do this if I have two of these stations ?

Couldn’t we make some “user friendly” interface to it to easily enter all the parameters and run it. Like e.g. the “WeatherFlow PiConsole” project"

Yes, gets the current conditions from your station and sends the info onto Twitter. I have it running on a RPi with a crontab job set to run it every hour on the hour.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by your second question. The only inputs you need are the API keys you need to get from twitter, your station token from Tempest and your Station ID. Those inputs are all imported automatically with the script assuming you set those inputs in a .env file as outlined in the README

I don’t know Linux very well, so it’s a bit more complicated for me. There are also complete laymen here.

But if I understand correctly, I copy the program “” to some new directory in RPi.

Then I create a new “.env” file (is that its name?) in the same directory, and add all the required keys and tokens to it. I’m not sure about the file name here, I’m not familiar with Linux, in other OS, there must be a some name before the dot.

Finally, I use “crontab” to set how often and when to run “” .

Is this correct? Thanx

Nice one! Please see my reply to your Facebook version of this.

Now… how about an Instagram version!?