WeatherFlow Data on ROKU for Weatherflow data (Version 4 - 2023/02)

Hey TwoDogs,
Little teaser here, the ROKU App “WeatherFlow Data Viewer v4” will release on
Monday, January 30th, at 11am PST and includes HUMIDEX for the Canadians !!

The code just passed the ROKU evaluation and is scheduled for release.

I will make a formal release note on that day.

WeatherFlow Data on ROKU v4 just Published !!

It now includes an option to display HUMIDEX as requested from “The Great White North”.

On your ROKU device:
Home > Search > weatherflow data viewer v4

If you already have the app, highlight the app and select *, “Check for updates”.

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Thank you, thank you. Canada thanks you!

Downloaded it this morning, I love it!! Great job​:+1::+1: