Weatherflow app v2.30 crashes repeatedly

I’m on iPhone 7 IOS 12.01 and app version v2.30 (170)

That combination repeatedly crashes when I start it up after some time.
It also takes a lot of time.
And many times fields are empty, see pictures.

When I choose the weblink to Weatherflow, data pops up as we speak.

I also don’t like the “1 M” for lightning, whilst the webversion shows “1 month”

image image

If you turn off Bluetooth on your phone, does it still crash???

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No! With Bluetooth off, no crashes anymore!

This doesn’t make sense to me :wink:

My understanding of the app’s logic is that it will retrieve data from the Hub via Bluetooth if it is available, and goes to the web for data if the Hub is not available via Bluetooth. You have now isolated the problem to the Bluetooth connection. Is it a signal strength issue, ie: too far from Hub? Something else (wifi or another Bluetooth device) jamming the 2.4 Ghz RF? Another Apple Bluetooth stack glitch in iOS? I won’t exclude an app bug, or how it handles Bluetooth communications failures.

Is there a reason why you have not upgraded to iOS 12.1???


Thx for your explanation.

There were some issues in previous versions, so I was not that eager to update to be confronted with bugs.


I just experienced the same app crash on my iPad Mini2 on iOS 12.1. It was very slow to load and when it did it only displayed the data a moment before crashing. I finally had to reboot my iPad to get it to run without crashing.

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Received a report that app sometimes crashes on iPhone 8, iOS 12.1.4, app version is 2.51 (195).
When Bluetooth is disabled, app can be opened successfully.