WeatherFlow App Doesn't Stay Logged in with iPhone/iPad (iCloud full?)

Ever since the latest iPhone update to software version iOS 12.0 the WeatherFlow app no longer stays logged in. I am required to login each time I open the app, which is a major pain. Any fix for this that anyone knows of?

FWIW, I’m not seeing this problem on my iPhone X…


FWIW, it works as expected on my iPad Mini 2 after the iOS 12.0 update. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

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Thanks for the replies. I’ll try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Yours is the first report of this and it’s definitely not the intended behavior. If reinstalling the app doesn’t correct the issue, please open a support ticket or send an email to - be sure to include details on your specific hardware and iOS version.

I deleted the app and reinstalled it, which seemed to fix the problem for a day, but it has since gone back to logging me out each time I close out of the app. I have opened a support ticket. I have an iPhone 7 and am running the most up-to-date iOS (12.0.1).

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We’ve been able to reproduce this behavior in three ways: (1) if you completely run out of storage space on your device or (2) if your iCloud account is out of space or (3) if you are logged out of iCloud. The reason is: we store your authentication token in Apple’s secure storage, and without space on your local storage and your iCloud account, the token disappears when the app goes out of memory.

Please check your local and iCloud storage and make sure you have some space. Meanwhile, we’re looking into a work-around for this that maintains both security and convenience.


Good to know. Thank you. The one that applies to me is limited storage in iCloud. I had about 10% free space remaining. I have cleared it out and now have several GB free. I have still had to log in a couple times since making that change, but it is much less frequent. I’ll let you know if it continues to improve. Thanks for looking into this.