WeatherBug integration for existing tempest owners?

Have had weather flow since the air/sky kickstarter. Cool to see the WB partnership, but is unclear if - as an existing tempest owner - I can integrate with WB or not? Website seems to indicate that it’s new hardware?

Any insight? I prefer WB over WU because [reasons].

I can see other Tempest stations in my WeatherBug app, but mine is not visible. I hope they figure this out because I would love to use my Tempest station as the data source within the WeatherBug app as promised.

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Open a ticket with our CS team, they will help you out.

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I tried that… they just referred me to the instructions documentation. Following the instructions didn’t work. I can see other Tempest stations to choose, but mine is not included on the list.

The problem must lie in how WeatherBug finds out about my station.

I was able to finally see mine on WeatherBug. What is your station name you set up? I can see if I can find yours. Mine is Sycamore Farms.
Should I also be able to see my station on the WeatherBug website or only in the phone app?

Customer support has now contacted me, acknowledged the problem, and are working on a solution.

UPDATE… My Tempest Station is now available in WeatherBug. It took CS a couple of days to sort out the problem, but I’m good to go now! Thanks to Alex Smith at WeatherFlow-Tempest Support.

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I am a new Tempest station user. I read in their manual that you should be able to see my station in the weatherbug app but it might take 30 minutes after first set up. It’s been a couple of days and I still don’t see it. What am I doing wrong?


It’s not available on WeatherBug yet. It will be sometime in early 2023 before you’re able to see it on WeatherBug.

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Thanks. I knew I saw something about that. Thought I was losing my mind.

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I just read that our tempest devices should show up on the weather bug app. Mine doesn’t show up. How do we get this fixed?

Open a support ticket, they can solve this for you.

Done and now showing in Weatherbug.

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