Weather34 WF API version Discontinued

I’ve updated with the latest version for meteobridge users and find that the 24hr chart is as expected but the November chart is obviously wrong and extends for the whole month!
2018-11-06%2007_44_16-Lt%20Baddow%20Smart%20Home%20Weather%20Station 2018-11-06%2007_45_47-Lt%20Baddow%20Smart%20Home%20Weather%20Station

I have checked my settings and everything looks OK. Any ideas?

for mysql thats the demo data csv … as per homepage quote below download …either delete the Nov.csv in the 2018 folder of mbcharts or replace with backup

note check also 2018…csv is not using demodata

*Note when updating always make a backup copy of the mbcharts folder then you can transfer the CSV files and year folders back to keep your chart records upto date.

i have since removed those two files from the download not to cause any confusion i had used them when updating the chart design last week so probably my faullt…so going forth it will just create new ones at the end of first day if they dont exists or append to existing if present ,monthly and yearly charts are updted at end of each day or whatever 24 hour period you want to use some run midnight to midnight or 7am to 7am or 9am to 9am or whatever the personal preference is.

Thanks for the solution. Unfortunately I did not backup the files before I installed the latest version. I am not too worried as I have not been running the meteobridge version of your template for long.

For future reference is there a simple way to upload from meteobridge the historic data and recreate these files?


not from meteobridge itself , safe practice just make a copy of your mbcharts folder prior to updating template then just copy over the saved current year file so now would be 2018.csv and copy over the saved current month folder .

I have a install script that will just update new/changed files though based on your server configuration making sure server/host doesnt lock down permissions . i released this way back in 2016 for a short period but it seemed to create more headaches and more time consuming support as different host had restrictions in place for file writing .perhaps i will look back into it in the near future and send you a copy and you could install in a test directory then send you another with some slight change to files and see how it goes .

developing locally i have full rights over server so sometimes i dont see these lockdown permission issues and only become apparent when someone raises the problem.*note from last time it always seem to be low cost sub $30 dollar a year packages from various vendors think the worst was a free host called altervista and still today i get file permission issues raised when that host name appears in the email . anyway ill drop a message when i cobbled something together…

Thanks for the reply, once again great support!:smiley:

I’ll be interested to try your scripts at some point.
My website, still not fully built, is hosted by 4UHosting so hopefully it supports your scripts.

I moved my template (and other wordpress based site) to a new host that offers SSD hosting and uses LiteSpeed instead of Apache.
From LiteSpeed - The biggest difference between LiteSpeed Web Server and Apache is in the way that they handle connections: LiteSpeed Web Server utilizes an event- driven architecture and Apache is process -based. Apache creates a new process or thread for every connection.This is a model which requires a lot of overhead.
My old host moved to AWS which frankly was horrible, I am also now using Cloudflare + Railgun and have to admit it is a huge improvement. Not just to take a load off the hosting server, it is also much better at dealing with DDOS attacks. I still have not changed the PHP to v.7 as I am not sure of the extensions to include, seems ok on 5.6. Next is to archive using MySQL after the latest Weather Underground announcement.-also I am going to include a Xiaomi 20000 mAh powerbank to power the hub and meteobridge during storms :), Thanks for all of the great work !!


php extensions might be worth running a phpinfo script on your current setup and screendump the list of extensions installed prior to using or moving to php 7.xx. . php 7.xx is considerably more quicker and the template last developed on 7.2.11 . i tend to update the php upon each release at the moment that is once a month at the current release rate. if using wordpress make sure it is up to date and you may get some anomalies on older stuff common is to see non numerical errors

UPS i use a $50 1000va computer back up supply i got a couple of years ago there are probably cheaper variants at 850va which probably more than enough . I get around 48 hours aprox(after our fire it lasted 2 days) as it doesn’t use as much energy as a desktop and monitor . electric outages are frequent here probably 3 times a week and rarely not anything todo with the weather just a lot construction of properties about 1km away last two or 3 years .

quick photo of what i use nothing pretty about it just a black oblong case with a button green/orange LED and two outlets on the rear …


Thanks again for the information.
I will run the php info script, I did a screendump of the old setup before I transferred and just used the same PHP 5.6 settings,
WordPress was a brand new install so should be all good.
The UPS, well here in the land of kangas and drop bears we pay at least 5 times that for a 1000VA but one is on my list anyway so will have a powerbank and a UPS , all the better more backup…The power is reliable here but the summer thunderstorms are crazy, for example yesterday a place a couple of hundred kms away got verified 7 centimetre hail, that would kill you if it whacked you on the head. I am glad my SKY was not underneath that onslaught …
Cheers !


I put some test data into the Nov.csv file to check that I see the correct graph for November. The relative bars look correct but the temperature axis is way off as per the original observation. Am I missing something basic?

a think a url would really help to diagnose it ,if it its private send it via pm or send a copy of Nov.csv but i cant look any deeper only have an iPad with me for next few days but ill try and spot anything obvious

I am really new to this and not as technical as 99% on this board. I do really love the dashboard that is being shown on this tread and wanted to see if some could let me know how I can get something like this. Two quick items I have an IPad Pro as my primary method for viewing this and I have no idea how to use systems like PI and other coding work. Thank you in advance.

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feel free to drop me an email anytime this week upto thursday I can help if you want a website .dont worry we all had to learn once, once you get the basic understanding its all relatively understandable and in a few months your curiosity will get the better of you with what if I scenarios …

whats new for meteobridge version sun position module
2.fixed lightning count when daily count exceeds 1000
3.improved social media meta notifications for a variety of scenarios includes,lightning,uv,wind gusts,dewpoint(relative to coldness and heat)
5. *** Thanks to Gary Duckett for the raising of issue using old sunpostion module in southern hemisphere**

as always via





Thank you mate for your hard work and meticulous attention to detail.

good morning sincere apologies minor fix added for those now in snow season… the forecast icons now reflect snow when forecsted instead of precipitation overide showing rain icon.


Weather34 Home Weather Station Dashboard

This API version is now discontinued however if you own a meteobridge product you can still use weatherflow hardware with the Meteobridge version available via or you can use any of the popular weather website templates that support meteobridge .



2. download info

  1. using a raspberry ? try

sorry for the inconvenience .brian


It’s always sad to see a product cease development. Maybe someone will take up the task to continue development.

For those that are looking for great application to display their weather data, I highly recommend Weather-Display by Brian Hamilton of New Zealand. Brian is an excellent developer with 20 years behind his product. You will find more information here: Weather Display


the version for weather display will be available in january and maintained by Wim an enthusiast of many years im sure it will be announced on the weather watch forum when its ready…

it is hoped to support all the features that the meteobridge version displays and with some additional extras based on wims access to the software and knowledge of weather display probably numerous pieces of additional hardware like Luftdaten air quality sensors etc…



I agree with @GaryFunk . . . it is always sad to see a product drop out of the mix. And I am glad to hear that someone will be moving the product forward.

Third-party developers have always been the real innovators in the software world. Best example I can think of is the ubiquitous and essential Windows Terminal Services which has been incorporated in the Microsoft Server products in one form or another since Windows NT v4 Server 22 years ago. Terminal Services was originally developed as a third-party add-on to Windows NT v3.51 by Citrix Systems and was then known as Citrix WinFrame (yes, I really do still have my “Certified Citrix WinFrame Administrator” polo shirt)

I have been using Brian Hamilton’s @weather-display product for almost a year now and find it to be a great tool for both display of weather data and for historical reporting.

Thank you to all third-party developers! Keep up the good work and the great innovation.



@dan.gealt at the end of the day all that matters is what suits the end user best and meets there requirements and what they are comfortable using ,be it meteobridge,weather display,weewx ,raspberry and so on . but remember there only as good as the source of data …
as for the WF API version most users wanted realtime fast interval updates the free WF API doesn’t deliver that but the meteobridge does and that is what I have at my disposal in front of me . I no longer will use the weatherflow hardware i have ordered a AS3935 lightning detection Arduino Uno kit to experiment with and learn along with a Davis VP2 UV sensor to compliment my existing weather station setup . the UV which that is all i have been able to use reliably in the weatherflow package .the last sky i received had a wireless range of approx 15 feet line of sight with Hub beyond impossible to maintain a reliable connection/signal therefore it could not be optimally positioned for wind capture but fortunately i can get a good UV sky coverage. The air unit last received wildly sensitive to localised noise triggered by various sources compared to an earlier version of the AIR…so has i said to @WFstaff there are plenty of options or alternatives to use with weatherflow hardware and for me more the merrier and the better it is to have a wider choice… so have fun its a hobby and whatever makes you happy is what matters most …

ps why i am bias to meteobridge is I work very very closely with the developer and every conversation and discussion always brings improvements and ideas not just for myself but for the end user the template is now bundled with some meteobridge products… and in the future early next year lots of enhancements and absolutely no requirement of web template or hosting as it is all built into the software and currently readily available in the NANOSD product and expected to be in the meteobridge pro sometime in the future…