Weather34 WF API version Discontinued

hi you will have to go into phpmyadmin and edit out those values stored in mysql


Just got up… Sure, I’ll do that… just seems like the rain rate number is accumulating now: Rainrate2. Shouldn’t Meteobridge just forward the plain rain rate number instead of accumulate the numbers? Or can we change the graph so it calculates total rain rate at time x minus total rain rate at time y (of which y is last value)?

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boris released another fix late yesterday so do reboot should get another updated firmware version. the thing template only displays what is recorded by meteobridge and sent , as above you will have to edit the database as that has stored that miscalculation of rain rate for the current day.

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I can confirm the latest firmware update has made a major improvement, today we have had showers and rain intermittently all day from light stuff to heavy and the accumulation is spot on and the rate seems to really correspond. The SKY was picking up quite light stuff that previously was not registering, and also it has not been classifying moderate rain as extreme, nice to see indeed, cheers !!


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Hi Brian… I just buy a TPLink MR3020 to flash meteobridge in.
Did it… just to find I need a 65€ license to run it… so sad with this

Is there any convention with weather34 or with weatherflow?


if you want more features it comes at a cost however the app from weatherflow is free , if you have a raspberry you can find a good solution here WeatherFlow PiConsole
or there is weewx if you use a computer . not experienced in anyt of those myself but im sure there is plentiful of users experienced on this forum.

domt quite understand the part convention… if you mean association i am not associated with either i just use meteobridge as it suits my needs and find it relatively easy to design around same with weatherflow having the hardware it front of me makes it easier to diagnose issues . this is why i dont get involved in anything i dont own or have access to …

you can use meteobridge licence free for 14 days and if it suits your needs you can purchase a licence and if you ever get any other hardware there is high probability meteobridge supports it.

perhaps look at alternatives around the forum … brian


Yes, I can also confirm. Fixed. Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Max, I’m a quite newbie, but I found this a valuable service and together with Brian’s solution it makes a nice weather station at home (I’ve got some old IPADs (1 and mini) laying around, they have now a purpose again after they got too slow). Anyway, with meteobridge much more can be done :-). Also when there is an issue with it they are very quick in fixing them. I can’t afford much, but I think this money was well spend.

hi thomas

its the continuous responsiveness of Boris and his ability to address the issues raised in a timely manner, that has always been one factor of why I trust this particular product and continuously use it , but most all it really is a flexible piece of hardware that really opens up many options for the enthusiasts. Sometimes paying the extra shouldnt be an oversight if you want that extra capability .

In meteobridge i added some fixes in this morning or fallbacks mostly related to purple air module but also some additional changes to barometer and UVINDEX modules .

these changes were also made to the standard weatherflow API version which ill send the link on david .

the standard API version should now reflect below if you have a Air quality monitor from purple Air .also this script can be adapted to work with any air quality monitor if data if available.
meteobridge version via

weatherflow version API

meteobridge version

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Hi Brian, maybe I misunderstood something… I was thinking weatherflow version as a dead project but now I see you writing of API version. May you please make some clarity for me? Thank you.

@thomas: I agree with you for all Brian did. I re-use an old android tablet too. “so sad” is too much… maybe the right word is “disappointed”. Obviously not with Brian and his great job.


its not a dead project it will just be put on hold just like the meteobridge version for sometime as soon as our move is finalized. what you see now is where ideas and fixes work across the versions weatherflow and meteobridge and uses same or a similar code structure is implemented .

most css ideas are designed for meteobridge originally it is fortunate that with the weatherflow version the css is almost identical .

i will be just glad when our move is finalized that DIY urge is growing inside me day by day…

This combination, from anyone that is using it speaks for itself, - it is current data, it is aesthetic and it is supported, add a gel cell battery with a true sine inverter , an 80 watt panel (ridiculous overkill for power) and you have a self sufficient station(with a 4g router) ,Just incredible,


Just a heads up for anyone in Australia that is on EDT now, I only noticed today that I had not added the moonrise/set offset to compensate for the change.
Simply go into the settings menu and add 1 to the "fine tune " box as shown. 2018-10-13

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hope someone can chime in to let me know why this might be happening. Have Meteobridge up and running. All seems to work except the weeather34 rain bucket value on the dashboard and the meteobridge live data do not match the daily rainfall graph and does not match the weathflow graph. The dashboard rain bucket does match the meteobridge live data showing 0.96". The weather flow graph and the weather34 graphs do match showing 0.44". Based on my other rain data the 0.44 appears to be the correct value. Below are the screen shots. Is there a setting or something that I might have wrong? Any help appreciated.





Looks like you are using weatherflow to report via the API to Weather Underground and that is what is being shown in the W34 charts (you can use WU or a mysql database as archival options in the settings menu of the template).
If you set up MB to report to WU it will of course report the same as the live data.
Are you using the latest firmware version in meteobridge?
(Meteobridge 3.8 (Oct 22 2018, build 1256), FW 1.3)
Since the October 16 fix mine has reported identically in the MB live data and WF live data.

Thanks for the reply. I think you are on to something. While I would like to use Mysql…I have not been able to figure that out yet. So in the template I am uploading to chartswu . In MB I was set to upload to WU but then I discovered a problem on WU because both the WF app and MB were uploading to the same WU station causing data issues. I therefore switched the uploading to Home Weather station which gave updates in the dashboard but resulted in the rainfall issue. Not sure why the rainfall would be so different though since it’s using the same weather station.

So I just setup a completely new WU station for MB that uploads every 10 seconds. I disabled the other networks. I see the data updated on WU but the Template/Dashboard is not updating…although the charts update every 5 minutes. I think the problem is with the MBrealtimeupload.txt file. As soon as I turn off the home weather station feed the file stops updating. Should I have both the WU and Home weather station uploading?

I do have the latest firmware: Meteobridge 3.8 (Oct 22 2018, build 12418), FW 1.5

Notice due ending DST Most users in the EU will have to change the UTC time offset in the settings for Weather34 PHP template in easyweathersetup.php because ending of DST


hi sorry i dont get on here much but if you would like help,with setting up mysql feel free to drop an email not personal message sometime this week after tuesday evening . there are two options one you can use the meteobridge panel in the services tab which i use or use the in built template mysql script in the meteobridge template .

please note the meteobridge version will have a few new features particularly geared at Davis hardware owners in the near future .

In the meteobridge there are new mysql designed charts as seen at

i hope to have a release sometime towards end of week but this example is how they will look


When using the in built mysql driver of meteobridge it allows you to control and display the data in charts more cleanly and more friendlier on the eye and probably more friendlier to any non enthusiast browsing your site and sufficient to give you the specific data you need at a glance .

the weatherflow version is reliant on weatherflow server API and probably will break in the near future due to changes . so that has fallen behind quite considerably now but when the changes come about i will try to bring it uptodate.

so feel free to drop an email middle of this week im sure we can set it up quite easily and dont worry its a common request and i guess if no previous experience of using mysql it can be quite time consuming to setup but no problem if you need help…brian

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ha the beauty of staying on the same time all year round since 2016 here no more changing things or getting confused on the first day…

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