Weather34 WF API version Discontinued

the meteobridge version got some updates to the visuals and some minor fixes raised by piet,william,ed .

note on my own personal website I am now using or mixing hardware components

I use the weatherflow hardware in conjunction with my other hardware . weatherflow hardware is used for UV-index,Solar,Lux,Wind Direction,Wind Speed,Balcony temperature using a seperate meteobridge hub . the positive note the weatherflow wind sensor out performs the Davis 6410 anemometer at significantly low calm winds speeds .weatherflow displays low wind speed values when the davis is still waiting for a reasonalble 3-4km/h gust to wake up. very very noticeable under relativley calm conditions visually and data wise…
this is also observed frequently by another user using a sonic wind sensor from a another manufacturer.
and at the other end of the scale the weatherflow is on par for recording high wind speeds i recorded a max of 84.6km/h in the week the anemometer recorded 84.8km/h and it tracks almost identical in the mild-mid range…
overall impressed its come along way…

though im not confident enough of using it for rainfall display but hope to see the improvements recently mentioned .

also worth noting meteobridge firmware latest update addresses the weatherflwo rainfall . thanks wim…

as always available via


forgot to mention the wind module now indicates average direction with a green arrow…


not sure to understand correctly the whole thing. If I have a Meteobridge unit (maybe flashing the custom FW in a TP-LINK device) does I still need the weatherflow’s HUB or not? What’s the purpose of the meteobridge device? Will the whole station continue to report/work with original weatherflow services/web-pages?

Thank you.

Good Morning

yes you need to have the weatherflow HUB as that is the heart of the communication for weatherflow hardware what meteobridge does without the need of 24/7 dedicated computer . It basically opens up many many options
you can send to multiple weather networks simultanousely ,store data , create max/min data values for each day,each hour,each,each year , store data directly to mysql, send your data to multiple templates not just this one
.meteobridge has a built in API specifically for this template itself simply simply choosing the home weather station icon and enter the path where you want the data stored on your hosted server or local server ,many users send data from meteobridge to there own servers (localhost) .it is basically a self sufficient tool and once setup it requires no manual input it jsut runs and runs until you need to update the firmware via reboot. its low powered just like the weatherflow hub , in my case meteobridge actually powers the weatherflow hub.


here is a write up i did last year which gives you the basic idea of many options avaialble to the weather enthusiast. most importantly its develped by enthusiast of many years .

you may also in the future purchase other hardware it supports many many types of hardware and is frequently updated too support newer models as they come out .

need any help or more info drop us a line …brian


sent a new download link to david it simply includes a link to the new official weatherflow map using the menu in the template. if you have not noticed its also viewable by the default weatherflow template in the map .

it simply centers based on the lat lon settings within the template at zoom level 5-11 choose via the setup screen





New version added and linked to in the original post up top ^^^

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Hi Brian, sorry to ask quickly… when looking at today’s rainfall (btw thanks with helping to get the issue Weatherflow-2-Meteobridge sorted), the scale on the left side seems… ahm… a bit off scale… can I improve this somehow? Or does it need a code change somewhere? See screenshot:Raintoday

Or does this have something to do with the recent Change in graphing rain rate

I just saw a rain rate of 666, which is highly unlikely…

hi your not alone on the rain rates i saw some horrendous earlier in the week due to really continuous high winds 60kmh-70kmh constantly generating rain measurements. the meteobridge just sends data to the template based on data recieved from weatherflow hub. what is the weatherflow station ID ?? i just went to your site and saw 173mm rain rate … did you update meteobridge firmware to latest ??

Hi Brian,

Yes, Meteobrige is on latest.

Station ID is 4844 (easy to remember for me).

Total looks OK, but rate way off (thought of doomsday when I saw a triple six ;-).


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ill take a look see if can spot anything nothing has changed in terms of rain rates in template . so there was an issue arised a week or so ago with rain accumulation… so another rain issue arisen .


i dont see any referencce to rain rate in the UDP so i will have to contact boris .
and definitely meteobridge is not sending a true rain rate because it doesnt exist.

Observation Value Layout

Index Field Units
0 Time Epoch Seconds
1 Illuminance Lux
2 UV Index
3 Rain Accumulated mm
4 Wind Lull (minimum 3 second sample) m/s
5 Wind Avg (average over report interval) m/s
6 Wind Gust (maximum 3 second sample) m/s
7 Wind Direction Degrees
8 Battery Volts
9 Report Interval Minutes
10 Solar Radiation W/m^2
11 Local Day Rain Accumulation mm
12 Precipitation Type 0 = none, 1 = rain, 2 = hail
13 Wind Sample Interval seconds

Index 3 is also the rain rate per minute.

well that is not going to work properly over the whole day if there are gaps or intervals in rain periods. more non conformity, ive just looked at mine in meteobridge i have 1mm total rain which was 0100 hrs and a rain rate of 3397 i think thats totally bizarre. rain rate should be for period of rain or hour or minute . looks like a workaround is needed or just disable rain rate if weatherflow oprion is used. ive emailed boris and wim perhaps they will have a solution… thanks for the info…

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Confirmed here as well, we had what I would term very light rain , (total of about 0.7mm on WF ) and reported over 1.5mm on MB (also I got a max rate of 756mm/hr in the last 20 min, )

If you want the rate per hour you just multiple by 60.

I use this formula:
Hourly rate = sum * 60 / C

sum is the total rain for the last 60 readings
C is the number of readings over zero

I think that’s what I do. I would have to look at the code to be sure. Its 4am here and I’m in bed reading.

yes that would work but template supports meteobridge which with other hardware delivers the rain rate thats how the template is structured to use the meteobridge value sent for rain rate. would need additional mb firmware code/update to cater for the interval periods .
so i have had answer from Boris and we will see how that progresses ill forward your formula on .

Hi Brian,
Meteobridge does compute rain rate from registered rain fall. Values might be different from how the Weatherflow does compute this. Some just take the amount of last 60 mins, others try to estimate given from last 5 minutes (Meteobridge approach) and some estimate based on the time that has passed between two flips of the rain bucket counter (Davis approach).


That’s an interesting concept and most likely a bit more accurate. I’ll will give that some thought and run some unit tests when I can.

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boris has just released a firmware update to tackle the issue

Version 3.7

released October 4, 2018

  • new algorithm to compute rain rate for WeatherFlow stations

I’ll restart my bridge :slight_smile:

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So fast ! Thank Boris for everyone using the platform please.

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Just noticed some Errors in Meteobridge before I restarted… Probably would have helped Troubleshooting… Anyway, I’ll report back how the new FW goes… !IMG_20181004_213651~01~01

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