Weather34 WF API version Discontinued

Hi Brian,

I tried everything I could be I can’t get any data from WeatherFlow.

weatherflowx.txt are updated (time change) but always empty. Any advise where to look at?



Forecast is also wrong date. Today July 1st.

@patricepayen: did you do all necessary changes during setup regarding station, AIR and SKY IDs?

please do not use this version of the template anymore it will possibly fail in the near future . to save you pulling your hair out and wasting your time . I strongly advise please do not use it .

however if you want to provide a url and password to setup via pm which you can change at anytime I may have an inkling on where it is causing an error. generally this is due to paths which can vary on different server types due to configuration but it is easy to spot but i need some url to diagnose. but please please be aware it will fail in the future.


Does I need to switch off RPi with your software running or it simply will not work anymore?
When are new API planned to be running on weatherflow side?

Please see WeatherFlow API Changes

Yes. Is there any log file I could check? debug mode?
I understand this version will be obsolete in few days/weeks but I’d like to finalize my platform and then wait for any update with new API.

@brian. I need to modify my network config to give you access. The platform is running behind a firewall at home.

@japseed I have my meteobridge getting data from Weatherflow, but what did you do to configure the template to get the data? i’m confused with using or not Mysql and how to upload data from meteobridge.
Help is welcome.



Good morning

I know what I say or do someone is going totally take my comments out of context. so I strongly advise you do NOT waste your time with this template , i can be only honest and upfront about the future outcome. If and when changes happen and I am in a position to adapt to it then I will simply take it from there but until then I really suggest you look at other offerings around the internet or just use the weatherflow supplied webpage .

so please I have strongly advised do not waste your time with this standalone weatherflow template version.

the alternative template version of meteobridge fully supports weatherflow hardware with many additional features and far more frequent shorter intervals , i have just got the meteobridge version to run at 5 second intervals for frequent data updates like wind speed , rain accum etc .

for the benefit of meteobridge users i will release the info how to simply update the template at 5 second intervals as opposed to the current 10 second interval.

have fun building your weather portal .

This was not clear for me… I need to investigate further !!

try this @pierre is very active and has that clean vision of end user experience

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hello max

here is an example of a meteobridge using weatherflow hardware , it is quite easy to setup if you take a bit of time to digest information available and this guy recently yesterday was able to successfully set it all up without any previous knowledge or experience i just gave him a few hints as we live in quite different timezones im in bed snoring he is probably starting a new day. so do some reading have a play around get a few things wrong to learn how it simply works .


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Ok, I need to download new package and try it!! Nice!! Thank you!

you might find this useful to get a good understanding


I’m “the guy” who set up the above weather template. I’m a dentist, not an IT guy, so it took me longer than it probably should’ve.
I bought a TP-link router off of Amazon and flashed Meteobridge onto it. (easy)
Hooked it up and set it up with my WF station. (easy)
For the template I had really no idea what was needed. After reading and digesting everything I could find I got a domain name, and webhosting in place and got the template to work. (took a few hours as I knew nothing about websites, hosting)
Works great!


Is it only the most expensive Wordpress business plan that lets you access this “free” plugin?

the good news is this version will return in the autumn or future once the changes have been made available. until then weatheflow users can still use the meteobridge version if you own a meteobridge hub. This standalone version will return thanks to D. St John of Weatherflow for being logical and appreciating the design and work that went into it.

on a far future note the template has the design elements in place for the future product called Breathe .

So nice to post good news. I will continue to post updates about the meteobridge version if anything is related to the weatherflow products.

examples of utilising indoor data and air quality in meteobridge version



sorry no idea i dont use word press for some 10 years or more perhaps contact @pierre to clarify

Thanks for reply. I think it’s me confusing with where I believe the plugin can be had for free but I have not tried yet.

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