Weather34 WF API version Discontinued


Ok i have added on translations for the current conditions,air quality etc .

for the the italian you only need to edit the php file … downloads were just updated . im not here till monday morning for any length of time and around most of next week.

also have a new dutch translator so the dutch language has been added back in.

norwegian,maori,swedish languages were removed .

example of editing is like this

in english the default

//Air Quality
$lang[‘Hazordous’]= ‘Air Quality Hazordous Conditions’;
$lang[‘VeryUnhealthy’]= ‘Air Quality Very Unhealthy Conditions’;
$lang[‘Unhealthy’]= ‘Air Quality Unhealthy Warning’;
$lang[‘UnhealthyFS’]= ‘Air Quality Unhealthy For Some’;
$lang[‘Moderate’]= 'Air Quality Moderate Concern ';
$lang[‘Good’]= 'Air Quality Good Healthy Conditions ';

in turkish as this the only other language i speak it would look like this

//Air Quality
$lang[‘Hazordous’]= ‘Kötü Hava Kosullari’;
$lang[‘VeryUnhealthy’]= ‘Sağlıksız Hava Kalitesi’;
$lang[‘Unhealthy’]= ‘Sağlıksız Hava Kalitesi Uyarisi’;
$lang[‘UnhealthyFS’]= ‘Sağlıksız Hava Kalitesi Uyarisi’;
$lang[‘Moderate’]= ‘Orta Hava Kalitesi Uyarisi’;
$lang[‘Good’]= 'Saglikli Hava Kalitesi ';

then the output of template is

Thank you @Weather34. I’ll take a look on italian php to understand how much work is required.

Did you take a look at the issue when you set metric but AIR device is still showed in inch under pressure gauge?

languages files just simple text replacement.

sorry i cant replicate any issues with pressure metrics it shows pressure in inches in the small area when the main pressure area is set for metric . thats not a bug its a quick reference to calculate inches if ever needed it also works vice the versa if inches is selected it will then show small area in metric…


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Might I suggest you label is as Imperial?


its an age old discussion that i really don’t want too get into here . please perhaps start another thread imperial-non metric vs metric .

Good morning

it is with deep regret that no further development will happen to the stand alone weatherflow version of the template. The map idea has been shelved , this is due to forthcoming changes in the API provided by weatherflow, David kindly sent me a outline of those changes for the near future this morning. Unfortunately when these changes occur likelihood it will not work at all in its current state . so therefore I have taken it offline and shelved the idea of creating a complimentary map for the template.

So in short if you have a web template, app, etc i strongly suggest you contact David for more information and to see if that effects your design,work ,application in anyway. If your already aware hopefully the transition will be harmless…

The meteobridge version is not affected by this api change has it is a non cloud realtime data product.



Is this decision just temporary to see what happens with new APIs or is a permanent halt?

we will have to,see when the new api rollsout until then there is no real point in offering template until the changes occur . the change may be just a simple process in the code or may need some more time .

so there is no point in doing anything more till all the information is available .
at least there is time to prepare however perhaps look at software like weather display or a meteobridge product or , they dont rely on api data and offer far more better intervals of shorter data periods and more control over historical data presentation.

brian …

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Hi Brian,

I tried everything I could be I can’t get any data from WeatherFlow.

weatherflowx.txt are updated (time change) but always empty. Any advise where to look at?



Forecast is also wrong date. Today July 1st.

@patricepayen: did you do all necessary changes during setup regarding station, AIR and SKY IDs?

please do not use this version of the template anymore it will possibly fail in the near future . to save you pulling your hair out and wasting your time . I strongly advise please do not use it .

however if you want to provide a url and password to setup via pm which you can change at anytime I may have an inkling on where it is causing an error. generally this is due to paths which can vary on different server types due to configuration but it is easy to spot but i need some url to diagnose. but please please be aware it will fail in the future.


Does I need to switch off RPi with your software running or it simply will not work anymore?
When are new API planned to be running on weatherflow side?

Please see WeatherFlow API Changes

Yes. Is there any log file I could check? debug mode?
I understand this version will be obsolete in few days/weeks but I’d like to finalize my platform and then wait for any update with new API.

@brian. I need to modify my network config to give you access. The platform is running behind a firewall at home.

@japseed I have my meteobridge getting data from Weatherflow, but what did you do to configure the template to get the data? i’m confused with using or not Mysql and how to upload data from meteobridge.
Help is welcome.



Good morning

I know what I say or do someone is going totally take my comments out of context. so I strongly advise you do NOT waste your time with this template , i can be only honest and upfront about the future outcome. If and when changes happen and I am in a position to adapt to it then I will simply take it from there but until then I really suggest you look at other offerings around the internet or just use the weatherflow supplied webpage .

so please I have strongly advised do not waste your time with this standalone weatherflow template version.

the alternative template version of meteobridge fully supports weatherflow hardware with many additional features and far more frequent shorter intervals , i have just got the meteobridge version to run at 5 second intervals for frequent data updates like wind speed , rain accum etc .

for the benefit of meteobridge users i will release the info how to simply update the template at 5 second intervals as opposed to the current 10 second interval.

have fun building your weather portal .

This was not clear for me… I need to investigate further !!

try this @pierre is very active and has that clean vision of end user experience

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