Weather34 Sky-Air Tempest Compatibility

Good day

Lots of requests for using the template but please read the requirements as the template does not use the weatherflow API or any other direct weatherflow method .

The template is designed to be used with a meteobridge device in this case with the tempest you can use a small TP link type device or the meteobridge pro device.these are available via ambient weather in the USA known as weatherbridge or through the meteobridge shop simply know as meteobridge .For the computer savvy geek you can roll your own meteobridge device using a TP LINK MR3020 ready available on amazon or similar specification and try the meteobridge software before you buy .

The template will not work with anything unless there is a meteobridge device in use .
Will not work with the following
Weather Display
Weatherflow API etc
Weather Underground API

Will work with and specifically designed for meteobridge only, so when your making a request for the template you need a meteobridge.

I have received many requests in recent months but very few have a meteobridge device so you won’t receive a password, it will save you time and inconvenience .So absolute criteria is a meteobridge device. Sorry if Im ramming this home that a meteobridge is 100% required but that is heart of this template design.

There are various other templates from other developers that is fully compatible with various software , API services etc so perhaps do some homework and find something that suits your needs.

Live example of using tempest with Meteobridge

so if you have meteobridge device hooked to a tempest and a website/webspace/local server then your good to go …

Version 8.34 available via on request

I hope this helps clear the confusion and saves you time in finding a working solution.

What the template does

Display realtime data and updates in intervals seconds or what you wish to have update i.e minutes
Displays Daily graphs (midnight to midnight)
Displays Monthly graphs
Displays Yearly graphs( Jan 1st - Dec31st)
Displays previous year graphs
Displays daily lightning graphs
Displays annual lightning graphs broken down into monthly totals
Displays Almanac records (displays data from the day you started using or if you have have data from previous years)
Displays optional webcams, air quality devices from other manufacturers (purple air,lufdaten,ecowitt,ambientweather,nova sd11 types with wireless)
Displays local forecast (expanded to 5 day forecast day/night)
Displays realtime notifications including lightning (can be disabled in setup screen)
Supports miles or kilometres for distances
Supports languages French,german,spanish,catalan,danish and English
Displays Celsius or Fahrenheit via simple switch using the bottom bar menu icons
Supports UK metric of Celsius and MPH
Supports M/S KTS MPH KMH BFT wind speeds
Supports hPa mb inHg mmHG Barometric pressure readings
Supports Light Mode Dark Mode via simple switch using the bottom bar menu icons
Supports Notifications sent to Apple Watch (Beta version only fully supported September 2020)
Supports Notifications sent to iPad/iPhone/Mac Desktop (Beta version only fully supported September 2020)
Supports Smart TV layout (tested upto 65")
Supports tablet devices/mobile phone devices
No mysql Requirement uses a user friendly method to create charts (means no experience necessary just follow the 3 step setup of template .guide available via homepage )
Template updates are simple automated file updates no reinstalls required this is a simple approach which you decide when you want to update(updates available via homepage simply dated .done via the setup screen just click and go …).
Github repo available for collaborators this is a private repo for sharing ideas and code available access is granted if you have a proven history of code development .
Supports GITHUB desktop apps for realtime code updates

Setup and install and forget